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Illuminating the stories of extraordinary American heroines from the early years of feminism, American Masters — Unladylike2020 is a multimedia series consisting of a one-hour special for broadcast and 26 digital short films featuring courageous, little-known and diverse female trailblazers from the turn of the 20th century. Coming this summer on PBS.

AIRED: March 04, 2020 | 0:01:06

♪ I'd like to raise everyone's attention ♪

- [Narrator] She was liberated long before

we ever started stumbling around in the dark

about what it means to be a liberated woman.

Women were always the daredevils.

- [Narrator] Once you get a taste for it,

it's very hard to turn back.

- When you think of all the additional challenges

and all the additional hurdles that they had.

It was dangerous to try to climb a mountain

in their petticoats.

- Women were supposed to act a certain way,

be told what to do, how to speak, what to wear.

It was still before women had the right to vote.

- Taking the step to run for office

really challenged the notion of how far women can go

in a leadership role.

- Women demanded new space and pushed the boundaries

of what being a lady means.

♪ They say I don't act right

♪ It's unladylike

♪ How I wanna live my life

♪ It's unladylike

♪ How I wanna live my life


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