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Jacques Pépin Makes Tomato Toasts

This recipe for tomato toasts with olives is inspired by Pépin's time in Spain. "Many years ago, I was in Spain, in Barcelona, and I had those tomato toast ... which I love, so I have done my own variation of it."

AIRED: December 02, 2021 | 0:06:41

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- Hi. I'm Jacques Pépin,

and this is "American Masters at Home."

Many years ago, I was in Spain, in Barcelona,

and I had those tomato toast,

which were really ripe tomato

and rubbed onto bread

with a little bit of olive oil on top, which I love,

so I have done my own variation of it.

What's important is to have really a ripe tomato.

And this one, I've had it a couple of days

so that it could be ripe,

and that tomato is about 10 ounces,

eight, 10 ounces.

I cut a little bit of the skin here,

but otherwise, I leave the skin on.

Here we are here.

And I will cut that tomato in half

to kind of press out the seed,

the seed and the juice,

which I actually love to drink.

Over here.

Okay, this is for me,

to drink.

And then the tomato themself,

I'm gonna cut them into inches pieces, about.

Doesn't matter.

And I do that ahead.

You do that ahead.

You can also of course take the skin out,

but frankly I like the skin in.

Give me more color and taste as well.

And I'm gonna put that in my small food processor here,

and I'm gonna pulse it a few times.


I want it still a little bit,

not totally liquid.

And in this, I'm gonna put a dash of salt.

Now maybe dash of pepper.

Of course I'm gonna put olive oil,

but I will put it later.


And then what I do with that,

I put it into a sieve to get the tomato water out of it.

And it's not like the tomato juice that I have here.

It is basically white, like water, tomato water,

and some chefs are using tomato water

to do special cocktail with it.

So I removed some of that to get it slightly thicker

for about five, 10 minutes.

With that, of course, some toast.

I like to use a baguette type of thing.

So here, not too thick.

And as you see, even with a knife like this,

you have to start here, finish here,

and apply pressure.

I probably have enough for like 15 or more toasts.

So what I do put olive oil

on a non-stick kind of aluminum foil, like that.

I have a good probably tablespoon here of olive oil.

Put your bread in it.


I press it in the oil like this,

and then turn it on the other side

to adjust slightly the oil on both sides.

And that will go into the oven.

This will take probably 12, 15 minutes

to get nicely brown and crisp, what you want.

Okay, and now my toasts are just out of the oven here,

about 15 minutes at 350.

See the tomato has been resting here.

I want the puree thicker, as you can see.

And again, don't forget to drink

that wonderful water underneath.

Yeah, we'll season that now

with a little bit of olive oil,

oh, maybe a tablespoon for all of this.

Mix it in there, and I can start.

A little bit on top, like this.

You don't put much.

I like to decorate the top of it

with maybe a little piece of basil,

basil leaves here.

And maybe to finish it up,

I put half an olive in the center here.

Saltiness of the olives goes well

with the oil and the tomato.

That's a wonderful dish to pass around with a drink.

You can taste the summer.

And here we have my tomato toast.

Happy cooking.

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Thank you for joining me.

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Thank you, and happy cooking.

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