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Jacques Pépin makes fried eggs

"I showed my granddaughter, how to make a fried egg my way—that is cooking it at a low temperature so that the white stays very tender and the yolk is running lightly, and the top is glazed. It’s one way of doing it, and I hope you enjoy it, too."

AIRED: September 03, 2020 | 0:03:21

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- Hi, I'm Chef Jacques Pépin,

and this is, "American Masters At Home".

There is no thing as simple

and as good as just a fried egg.

There is a way of doing it,

I mean my way of doing it

not everyone way but mine.

So, a tablespoon of butter in there,

two eggs,

always break the egg on something flat

like this up to open your egg.

Otherwise when you do it

on something pointed like this,

it push the shell inside

often break the yolk

and introduce bacteria,

So something flat this way.


So, the idea here is to do it

at relatively low temperature,

which is not exactly what you do in a Cafeteria,

because cooking it at low temperature

will give you an eggs with very tender Egg white

and that was the idea,

when I was kid you were taught

how to do it so it was very tender,

the white no crustiness around,

and cooking slowly this way.

So it's very tender.

So just melt the butter,

and a couple of eggs will go in there,

a dash of salt on top of it,

rest of the seasoning will come later.

And here, now I'm going to reduce the heat

to very low and I wanna cover it,

I wanna glaze the top of the egg,

What we call oeuf mirroire, a mirror

you know, is just on top.

sometimes to help a little bit on that

what I do, I put like a teaspoon of water around.

No it's not,

but that with the lid on tip,

that create a steam , a little bit of steam

and it will glaze the top

and that will take about two minute.

It's about ready Of course,

I like my eggs runny in the center.

Of course you can leave them longer

if you don't want to have them ready.

But as you can see here,

the whole top is glazed

and it cooked very gently,

this way,

and that will go into my plate.

this way

I like to put cracked pepper on top here.

Again a portion of this, maybe.

A few shy of too

And here is the way I like my eggs.

So you can see here, that that thing

is still very runny.

This is thick, but that egg white here

is going to be very, very tender.

And the center here,

will be this way.

Just the way I like it.

It's my way of doing it,

try that way, happy cooking.


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