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Jacques Pépin makes cocotte eggs

"A nice way to serve eggs is to cook them in a little container we call a “cocotte”, a little soufflé mold or ramekin. You can eat them with a little spoon right out of the cocotte, usually the yolks will still be runny, or you can unmold them—usually onto a round crouton or a toast—for a bit more of a presentation."

AIRED: September 04, 2020 | 0:03:48

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- Hi, I'm chef Jacques Pépin and this is

American Masters At Home.

I like eggs in any kind of way

but this is a bit of a different

what we call oeufs cocotte.

A cocotte is a little container like this that we do.

And often we cook eggs in it.

What you have to do,

first I make sure that I butter

the cocotte properly all around.

That's it.

This one and maybe a little dash of salt in there.

And if you're a fan of maybe

a little bit of herbs in the bottom

like that for taste or I'll put this one on top after.

(egg cracking) Then you break it,

I would like that yolk to be in the center.

Here, okay.

And then we cook them in boiling water like this.

You can put them in the oven for

three, four minutes or here.

Notice that I have a deep pot here,

and I put the lid on top.

There is a space between the lid and this.

Don't put it a skillet which is low

where the lid is practically touching the egg

because there is no space for the steam.

You need the steam to come on top to cook the egg.

Because that's gonna take about

three minute, three, four minute.

Okay, let's see now.

Shake it a little bit,

it depends of course the way you like it.

Some like it more done,

some like it less done and so forth.

This one is hot here, and this one.

I can see that the butter melted on top here.

This is the one in the little cocotte like that

that we serve directly in the cocotte,

maybe with a little cream on top.

And then of course you eat it directly at the table

and as you can see this one here

is going to be pretty soft in the center the oeufs cocotte.

That's how I like it.

You can always cook it a little longer

or as I said you can cook it in the oven as well.

The other one usually what you want to do

is bring your knife around, bring your toast here

and put in there to unmold it on the toast.

You find it need to a little bit of air in the back.

Okay, and now my eggs here

but of course it's a more classic presentation there.

I put a little dash of cream on top of it too.

If you cut that one again it's going to be

nice and creamy inside one way or the other.

Oeufs cocotte in the cocotte oeufs mollets unmolded

different way of doing your eggs.

I hope you enjoyed it, happy cooking.

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