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Jacques Pépin makes an easy cream cheese soufflé

"For an elegant first course for a nice dinner you can make these cream cheese soufflés, which are extremely easy to do. A mixture of whipped cream cheese and an egg is placed into some little containers, or you can make one larger one. Serve them alone on a plate, or with a salad."

AIRED: September 04, 2020 | 0:03:28

Hi, I'm Chef Jacques Pépin.

And this is "American Masters At Home".

I'm gonna show you a very elegant first course today,

a cream cheese souffle.

A savory cream cheese souffle.

I'm doing it for two.

I have a little container here,

I mean a souffle mold, rather,

they're about

three quarters of a cup each.

And I butter them,

about one teaspoon of butter

should be enough to coat them for two.

You can do that ahead, you know.

And I'm gonna put about a good tablespoon

of grated Parmesan cheese in it,

because what I want to do is just make it coat.

That's it.

And then,

you put it back in there.

Make sure that's your mold all nicely coated,

both of them.


So here, I have a little container,

an ounce of whipped cream cheese.

And with that I add one egg.


A little bit of chives,

like a tablespoon of chopped chives.

Some freshly ground pepper.

I'm gonna mix that together.

Conventionally, you know, with cream cheese,

people do a cheesecake.

And with, of course, with sugar, and with vanilla,

and with things like that.

But this is a bit of the same idea,

but I'm doing it for something savory like this.

And it's quite good.

It's elegant.

Very easy to do.

I mix it together here,

and that's about all there is to it.

You can do that ahead, of course,

and use it whenever you're ready to use it.

And that's it.

This can be done ahead.

When you're ready, put that in the oven, about 400 degrees.

I would say 18 minutes, 18, 20 minutes.

And this is it.

Two beautiful little souffles out of the oven.

You enjoy them right like that,

directly from the mold.

The souffle doesn't wait for you.

You wait for the souffle.

You can do this,

enjoy it like that, with a salad,

or if you let that deflate,

it will deflate slightly,

and it will shrink a little bit,

then you can unmold it and serve it unmolded.

Enjoy, and happy cooking.

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