American Masters


The Making of Unladylike2020

Director Charlotte Mangin discusses what went into making Unladylike2020.

AIRED: July 09, 2020 | 0:01:47

- My name is Charlotte Mangin,

and I'm the creator and director of "Unladylike 2020,"

which is a series of 26 documentary shorts

being created for "American Masters" on PBS.

When I realized that 2020

was the centennial of women's suffrage,

I knew that that was the perfect year

to bring these stories back to life.

People would be interested in the centennial,

taking stock of how far we've come,

but also what remains to be done.

I wanted it to be this treasure trove of stories

about women from the turn of the 20th century

who were often the first in their professional fields.

I brought on board the team, this very talented artist

who has created this gorgeous artwork and animation

to both bring color and life to the black and white archive

and also create animations that can tell scenes

from our women's stories

for which we have no archival imagery.

(lively music)

(gentle music)

We want viewers to discover new role models,

new stories, new forms of inspiration,

and examples of women who stood up

for what they believed in.

And a number of the struggles

that they led a hundred plus years ago still resonate today.


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