America ReFramed


America ReFramed | Season 9 | Fall 2021 Trailer

The Fall 2021 trailer of the ninth season of WORLD Channel documentary series, America ReFramed. Featuring the premieres of Five Years North, Hayden & Her Family and Brooklyn Inshallah.

AIRED: October 05, 2021 | 0:03:03

(pensive music)

(birds twittering)

(camera shutter clicking)

(speaking in foreign language)

(siren wailing)

(chanting in native language)

- People say the Indian wars ended in 1890.

All of us Lakota, we know that the war is still going.

- Why is there no Arabic speaker in any polling site

in this entire district?

I am walking controversy.

- Why they do that?

- Palestinian, Muslim woman,

born and raised in Brooklyn.

That's a controversy all in itself.

- Hi, mom.

We have some good news for you.

- Jews offered $50,000 to move to Dothan.

- Alabama, what the hell is in Alabama?


- We were young, we were having a ball.

We were crazy, and we were very stupid.

We signed the dumbest contract.

- Meanwhile, this guy made a million dollars on me.

- Deej, they squeal,

hands joined, reaching, stretching.

They don't see autism yet.

Don't know that I've been included.

- It's this one.

I'm not gonna tell you

that we never arrest a non-criminal because I'd be lying.

All I can do is just continue to do my job

the way I'm supposed to until something changes.

- The sugarcoated story of adoption

is that you find that child,

that child is filled with joy

and everybody lives happily ever after.

That's not really what most adoptive families experience.

- Last time The Seven Council Fires came together

was almost 140, 150 years ago, fighting Custer.

This is the highlight of my generation.

This is our fight.

(praying in foreign language)

- We're not looking to be pitied

We're your relatives who have been stolen.

- Black people don't take it, why are we taking it?

(chanting in foreign language)

- If you don't have enough money,

how you can do your job?

- This is my schul.

This is my home.

- Stay back!

- Im proud of him, but Im also scared.

- I fear for his life.

I will do something for him everyday.

(crowd cheering)

(uplifting inspiring music)


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