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Meltdown in Dixie | Trailer

In the wake of the 2015 Charleston Massacre, a battle erupts in Orangeburg, South Carolina between the Sons of Confederate Veterans and an ice cream shop owner forced to fly the Confederate flag in his parking lot. MELTDOWN IN DIXIE explores the broader role of Confederate symbolism in 21st century America and the lingering racial oppression which these symbols help maintain.

AIRED: June 08, 2021 | 0:02:29

(upbeat violin music)

- [Creamery Owner] When I bought the creamery

I saw was in a beautiful park,

I said, "What's not to like?"

- [Worker] What kinda ice cream, honey, did you want?

Enjoy, baby, thank you!

- [Creamery Owner] But if I could rewind

this whole situation, I would have never came

to South Carolina in the first place.

Made a little ice cream shop

to sell ice cream cones in a park.

And here I am in the middle of this crap.

- [Male Protestor] I'll tell you what you are.

- [Creamery Owner] Okay.

- You need to go back where you come from!

- I'm as Southern as anybody here

and as proud as anybody here to be that.

- [Police Officer] We are not getting involved

with the civil stuff of it.

- It's not civil.

- But just hear me out.

(serious orchestral music)

- [Creamery Owner] That flag is not mine.

That's a piece of property

that the Confederate veterans owned.

I want that flag off this property.

Something's gotta happen.

(gospel music)

- [Southern Man] What a lot people don't understand,

"The Sons Confederate Veterans".

In Nashville, you got people with the first word

that's outta their mouth is race.

The Confederate battle flag is a soldier's flag.

That's who we are, are soldiers.

(canons booming)

I'm proud of that flag.

And all of a sudden everything in the world

that was bad was caused by the Confederate battle flag.

If you are under attack, you got to charge.

(guns firing)

Crank it up a little bit.

- Good morning, I need an officer to come down here.

- Somebody just called me and said that sign

saying to take down the flag.

(serious orchestral music)

- [Office Worker] This is the little piece

that this fight is over.

- The Blacks oughta be proud of that flag

that they vote under.

They vote just like white.

- It stands for racism, slavery, hatred.

- I'm trying to give them everything they need

to make the right decision.

- We're gonna fight 'til there ain't no more to fight.

- [Creamery Owner] Looking back I'm saying,

"Why in the hell did I even buy this place?"

But I'm in it for the long run.

- [Crowd] Long way down south the Dixie.



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