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Hayden & Her Family | Trailer

The Currys are raising twelve children, five of whom are adopted from overseas and have special needs. One of those children is Hayden, a young girl from China born with linear nevus sebaceous syndrome. Hayden becomes the thread to this intimate adoption journey as she, her new parents, and her siblings experience the complexities, jealousies and joy of becoming a family.

AIRED: November 23, 2021 | 0:02:49

(kids laughing)

- So when we first adopted, I think it was your idea, right?

- Uh-huh. - Yeah.

But I'm pretty easy going about it, right?

- You are, he's very easy going.

To the point where I'm very hesitant

to tell him about a child, because-

- I might say yes. (giggling)

(bright piano music)

We started off just as any normal couple might

having children one at a time.

- When we adopted Minh and Kiet

Basically all they said was "we're gonna adopt someone."

And we were just like, okay.

- [Jud] And then a little bit later we had twins.

- And I was feeling done and tapped out

and really, really thought maybe our family was complete.

- [Jud] Until she saw the picture of Hayden.

Elizabeth had that feeling like,

oh my goodness, this is my child.

(bright piano music continues)

- I feel like people look at our family from the outside

and think, how do you do that?

I don't think there's a limit

on how many siblings I need to have.

(bright piano music continues)

There's always room for one more.

- [Jud] We'll be bringing home two little girls.

(bright piano music continues)

(bright piano music continues)

- Yu Ting, this is yours.

(bright piano music continues)

- It's hard to have new sisters all of a sudden.

- I want my own room.

- I know, but mommy and daddy have to share

and Gigi and Lina have to share.

(child crying)

(Gigi whining)

Gigi, when we get to your story

you can switch places, okay?

(Gigi whining)

(child whining)

(bright piano music continues)

- Before I adopted,

I knew what it was like to love a child I gave birth to.

And after we adopted,

I learned that love is bigger

and so much more multifaceted and deeper

than just that biological connection.

- Daddy, mommy!

(mellow piano music ends)


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