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Father Khader El-Yateem, is campaigning to be New York City's first Arab American councilman. As a Lutheran Pastor and Palestinian American, El-Yateem's bid to make history reveals the aspirations and divisions of his multicultural district. With the support of local organizers and activists, including Aber Kawas and Linda Sarsour, can he bring his community together to win the race?

AIRED: December 14, 2021 | 0:02:32

(singing in Arabic)

(speaking Arabic)

- [Khader] My name is Khader El-Yateem,

I am running for city council in the 43rd district.

We have an opportunity to make history,

to elect the first Arab-American to city council.

- We believe that same energy

that we caught from young Muslims

for a man like Bernie Sanders,

is the same energy we're going to bring

to Khader for this campaign.

(intense music)

This is the hardest-hit community

after 9/11 of deportations.

(speaking Arabic)

- We are one of

the most illegally surveilled communities in America.

We have been under siege since the Patriot Act was passed.

(intense music)

(speaking Arabic)

- [Khader] Tons of people who have citizenship,

but they are not registered.

- One of the battles is talking with people

about the process from start to finish.

- I was going to knock on your door,

I am running for city council.

I am a first-time candidate.

I hope I can earn your support on September 12.

- I would rather vote for Adolf Hitler.

- There is an elephant in the room

and it's called racism and discrimination

in this community right here.

- To Linda Sarsour, just move out of America

if you are not happy with President Trump.

- We don't want 'em here.

(people yelling)

(exploding) (woman screaming)

- You will have an opportunity September 12

to send a message to Trump and to the world.

- That's Mr. President Trump to you.

That the people are not afraid

to send the first Arab-American

to city council to represent them.

- I don't think this is how it has to be every time,

but we're running a Paletsinian.

(car door closing)

- [Khader] Did you vote already or not yet?

(speaking Arabic)

- It's his first vote.

- First time?

- Khader El-Yateem, of course, he's the best.

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(horn honking)


(upbeat music)


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