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Mission to Remember: Conserving Objects

This documentary series explores the shared commitment to the mission behind the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. From showing how the memorial creates new traditions of tribute, to demonstrating unique conservation techniques, the short films go beyond the surface to immerse viewers in untold stories of honor and remembrance.

AIRED: September 10, 2019 | 0:01:34

-I think what's really unique

about the conservation program here at the 9/11 museum

is just the vast variety that we deal with in terms of materials.

We do have paintings of traditional fine-art materials,

but we also have items donated by victims' families,

clothing worn by rescue and recovery workers.

So, we have an entire collection of human history

that all relates to one day.

One of the really interesting questions that we deal with

in conservation is how do we deal with damage.

At a lot of other institutions, they'll be working

to conserve items to their pristine condition,

while our job here at the museum and the value of the object

is in telling the story of the damage on 9/11.

Ladder three, we're working to preserve the damage from 9/11,

while a dream bike

we use different preservation techniques

because it came to us

as a tribute item in pristine condition.

We periodically take objects off of view from the exhibition

in order to extend the overall life span of the object.

This is one of our preservation strategies

that we use to rotate objects.

It's important that we preserve these objects

because these objects help to tell the story of 9/11

and will continue to help tell this story

for generations to come.


-I think what's really unique


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