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Mission to Remember: Acquiring Artifacts

This documentary series explores the shared commitment to the mission behind the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. From showing how the memorial creates new traditions of tribute, to demonstrating unique conservation techniques, the short films go beyond the surface to immerse viewers in untold stories of honor and remembrance.

AIRED: September 10, 2019 | 0:01:42

-We know that a family has held on to something

that is a cherished keepsake,

but it's too awful and upsetting to keep.

It may be recovered property that's come back from

Ground Zero or from the Fresh Kills landfill.

It may be the last tangible proof

that this person was where they were on

September 11.

Sometimes donating it to the museum

is a way for them to lay a load down

and take the next step forward,

and we always want to be here for that opportunity for them.

The acquisition process

is usually a combination of proactive

and reactive conversations and activities.

This, in turn, triggers a fairly extensive research

process on our side,

trying to authenticate and fact check.

We also go to as many primary and secondary sources

as we can to put footnotes into our curatorial rationales.

Our collecting efforts are far from over.

Every day, we have our eyes open, our ears open.

We're on high alert because we feel this history

is still unfinished.

The stories themselves are still being told by artifacts.

There are still actors in this history

that we need to animate through donated materials,

and we are fully committed to keeping these chapters ongoing.


-We know that a family has held on to something


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