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Karl Lagerfeld Sketches His Life

Karl Lagerfeld, who led Chanel for decades and passed away in February 2019, was always a discreet figure. This documentary offers an intimate glimpse into his life and art, which he shares while drawing scenes from his history.

AIRED: March 13, 2021 | 0:49:48

Narrator: Can you do me your signature?

[ Lagerfeld speaking in French ]


Karl Lagerfeld has a very varied life.

His greatest expertise is in drawing.

He draws all the time.

Fashion designs of course, but also caricatures,

technical drawings and sketches that are torn up once finished.

His other great expertise is storytelling,

so telling his life story in drawings is only natural.

The trouble is it's hard to find the time

when you're such as busy man.

Time to remember important places,

the people he's met, dresses, suits,

seminal moments and a whole life time

staring with this morning.

You draw every day?

If he can draw his house coat, then he can draw everything --

his life and his work.

"Karl Lagerfeld "Sketches His Life."



Silence please!

Can you draw your childhood home for me?

Can you draw your father?

And your mother?

What were you like as a kid?


Can you draw your first concierge in Paris?


Can you draw the outline

for the Concours de la Laine in Paris?

Can you draw Karl Lagerfeld that morning?


Can you draw Mr. Balmain?

I don't know what he looked like.

Can you draw what you'd consider a good night out back then?

Not bad.

Can you draw one of your first workshops?

Can you draw what you did at Jean Patou?


Can you draw Fendi fur from back then,

what he did before you and what he did with you?

What did you look like physically?


Already finished?


Can you draw your first collection for Chloe?

And Krizia?

Can you draw the place you lived in the '70s?

A Martel Brothers rabbit?


What was Jacques de Bascher like?

He was a Dandy?

What was he wearing the day you met him?

Lederhosen? What?

Bavarian shorts?




What was your look when you started at Chanel?

Can you draw your first collection for Chanel?


What were the house of Chanel's codes?

Can you do a technical drawing of the last

Chanel collection for example?

You draw with makeup?

How did you do the Chanel two piece?



Did you have famous guests at Grand-Champ?

Oh, it's like walking in a painting.

It's marly.

[ Speaking in French ]

Narrator: There were times you still carried a fan.



Can you draw your look in the year 2000?

Can you do before and after?

After then.

What's the Hedi Slimane line then?


Can you draw the bear?


I'd like to see three of your current muses

for three of your brands.



You forged a really close relationship

with a male model.



Can you draw the place you'd like to be buried?

Can you draw the place you'd like to be buried?

Thank you very much.





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