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Elizabeth Reiss on the Future of Public Art

Elizabeth Reiss, CEO of the Arts Center of the Capital Region, discusses what the future of public art may look like amid social distancing restrictions. See more from Lara Ayad's interview with Elizabeth Reiss on next week's episode of AHA: A House for Arts. Tune in Wednesday, July 15 at 7:30pm.

AIRED: July 08, 2020 | 0:01:38

- Elizabeth, you've also established a reputation

for being someone who really supports

and promotes public art.

So, for instance, you've sponsored an artist made skate park

here and in Pittsburgh.

But with state and federal protocols that really limit

the way we can engage with each other in public spaces

and all these protocols about social distancing,

I'm kind of wondering what is the future of public art

in the Capitol region look like?

You know, what is going to happen to the public art

of the local art scene within the next several years?

- You know, it's funny.

I think actually public art

is going to get bigger and better and be more prolific

as we think about, first as we think about COVID,

we all know that being outdoors is safer than being indoors.

So, art in the public realm is going to be something that

really has to take a art in the public realm

can be a real tool for us

to engage with our community,

to communicate with our community,

to draw them back into our downtowns.

So, I think we may see more passive forms of it,

more murals, more imagery, more sculpture.

Maybe perhaps less town plazas, or less skate parks.

So, I think it's really going to depend on the form of it,

but I know that the Art Center, for example,

will put out a call soon to do a few more murals

as we think about how to have a dialog with our community.

I think it'll take center stage.


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