Afrofuturism: Blackness Revisualized



Addem and Efa are an alien couple living on Earth as humans here to determine whether the planet has the right living conditions for their race. When they are called back to their mothership, they must fight uncontrollable urges to stay on Earth.

AIRED: April 30, 2021 | 0:10:40

[ Low humming ]

What's wrong?

Addem: We've been summoned to go back.



We did it.

We found a new home.

Yeah. We did it.

I never thought being on Earth would be like this.

And being among these humans has been more

than I've ever imagined,

with the feelings and the sensations.

The different life forms.

It's incredible.

How is the embryo holding up?

It's resting.


...what if we stayed behind?

We don't have to leave this planet.

We have to report the information that we gathered.

The information that we gathered

is that we can survive on this planet

if we merge with the native humans,

and, more importantly, we can reproduce.

That's the information they need, not us.

I don't want to stay in this body.

I just -- I miss being able to move freely.

I miss being truly one with you, Addem.

We feel trapped.



is going to be the new normal.

Don't you see that?

I mean, it's not so bad.

And can you honestly say that you've ever felt anything

like this?

Our ancestors used forms similar to this.

We're here to learn about them, not to become them.

We have to return.



[ Car alarm beeps ]


Man: [ Distorted ]Please state your identification code.

S. Asani.

Special Agent #9, what is your situation?

We have two potentials breaking from routine.

Request permission to pursue.

Request granted.

Do you require assistance?

No, backup won't be necessary.

Yeah, I've got this one.





♪ All my senses feel, oh, so alone ♪

♪ And my mind's been racing to catch up ♪

♪ Don't know where I've gone, oh ♪

♪ And it could happen to you

♪ Dum de oo de oo da da dum de oo de oo ♪

♪ And it could happen to you

♪ Dum de oo de oo da da dum de oo de oo ♪

♪ Right out of the blue

♪ Dum de oo de oo da da dum de oo de oo ♪

♪ And it could happen to you

♪ Dum de oo de oo da da dum de oo de oo ♪





What are you doing?

I'm not going.

What are you talking about?

That's what these bodies are doing to you!

You're not thinking clearly.

No, you're wrong.

I've never been more clear about anything in my entire life.

We're not talking about this anymore.

It's time to go.

It's time to go! Please! No.

I can't. I can't


Addem: Who are you? What are you doing here?

I'm --

Take me with you.

Take me away from this world.

No, no, no, no, your body wouldn't even survive

on our ship.

Efa: Addem, it's time to go.


B-But I'm strong. I could survive a trip.

No, no, listen to me! You don't understand.




Drop it!

[ Choking ]













[ Rahspect's "Alkebulan" playing ]

♪ Alkebulan

♪ Yo

♪ Peace to all of my nebulons

♪ Heavenly melanin of all descendants of Alkebulan ♪

♪ Connected with no Cyprus or salt ♪

[ Rapping indistinctly ]

♪ Aligned with the stars

♪ My finger and pyramid golden ratios ♪

♪ This vibrational wave is too high for radios ♪

♪ I get my daily dose of inspiration from meditation ♪

♪ And making creation that's fragrant like a cosmic rose ♪

♪ Whoa, now you peepin' it from that Masa ♪

♪ About time, I been waitin' to see that light shine ♪

♪ I shoot my essence toward the stars up in the night sky ♪

♪ Connected energies with the source like I'm a python ♪

♪ Now go on and pack your pipe tight, I write rhymes ♪

♪ To stimulate hemispheres of left and the right mind ♪

♪ Unh, travelin' quadrants

♪ Galaxies open and oscillate inside of your conscious ♪

♪ Energy released through atoms you never could fathom ♪

♪ The length of which you extend with infinite patterns ♪

♪ For real

The stars on high are shining bright.

Sweet dreams, my darling. Sleep well.

Good night.



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