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BMX riders create new trails to ride after losing 2 1/2 years of work on their old ones.

AIRED: August 25, 2017 | 0:27:30

(overlapping chatter)

- [Narrator] These are the bike trails

they've worked to make over three years.

- [Man] Then you just have to stomp on it.

- [Narrator] Countless hours with these shovels.

- [Man] We've been packing for hours and hours.

- [Narrator] And some Playa lake water.

- [Man] It's like building a mudcastle or a sandcastle,

just a little bit harder.

- [Narrator] These men all work 40-hour weeks

and then put another 15 into maintaining their trails

and cleaning messes for the property owner

which is now overwhelming.

- This whole pile right here was dropped off

this past weekend.

I was down by my trails and I was digging.

I saw a row of three cars coming through,

and the last car was a truck with a trailer,

and that's typically a sign that people have been dumping.

- [Narrator] Find out tonight how you can help

a group of Lubbock riders clean up the trails

they've worked so hard to make.

- My day has been pretty chill so far.

Woke up probably around seven.

My daughter was hungry so I gave her some cereal,

and watched some cartoons.

And I mowed the front yard.

And did a little bit of laundry.

Basically sitting around and getting ready to go dig.

It's Sunday so we're usually,

Fridays and Sundays are the days that we all

usually set aside to go out there and dig together.

So we'll go out there around, it's two o' clock now,

in about an hour or so everyone will be meeting up.

(refrigerator door snaps open)

- If there's beer in the fridge, it goes to the trails.

Sit down, buddy, sit down.

You get two cause you're so ferocious.

This time of year, it's hard to even ride.

I'll admit it, last year and the year before,

I wasn't even out there in the summertime.

I think I,

crazy to think, but I wasn't even out there for like,

I maybe took like two or three months off

going out there.

It sucks cause it's hard to get motivated.

It's hard to walk up that hill with watering buckets,

it's hard to mentally prepare for yourself out there,

to get out there and do it.

But, yeah, so.

This year, for some reason, has been awesome.

We're all super motivated,

and honestly, I think the motivation

has been through our friends,

through Instagram and all that.

We personally know everybody.

- So, me and my buddies,

we are a different breed of BMX riders.

We create our own trails, we dig in the dirt.

And honestly, it's somewhat of a dying breed

because not a lot of people wanna work as much as we work

to have the fun that we have.

- The summer is basically the off-season for Texas

because it gets so hot.

It's hard to work and do manual labor in that kind of heat.

- We typically try to have a jam at the end of the summer,

in September-time,

September, October,

because that gives us the entire summer to work toward

a jam, where we can build new features,

relay other trails, kinda dial all the kinks out,

work 'em all out.

- We hope to be riding here in about two or three

more dig sessions.

So basically in two weeks, we hope to be,

to have all the trails opened up and riding smooth again.

The radio cord,

in case you get tired of hearing your friends talk,

and of course ice water.

Keep you from getting migraines and dehydrated.

("Highway to Hell" by AC/DC)

Living easy, living free

Season ticket on a one-way ride

Asking nothing, leave me be

Taking everything in my stride

Don't need reason, don't need rhyme

Ain't nothing I would rather do

Going down, party time

My friends are gonna be there too

I'm on the highway to hell

On the highway to hell

Highway to hell

I'm on the highway to hell

No stop signs

- Here's where I'll be working today.

I came out here early this mornin,

and this shelf here basically came out to here.

But, so we're basically just taking out.

We wanted the jumps, keep the jump and all,

but we kinda had, we're perfectionists,

and we wanna have a smooth riding surface

as you can kinda see,

everything's washed away from the rain and all the showers.

So we're starting from the end and starting to re-do

everything back to the start.

And that way, when we get finished the start,

everything will be redone and relayered,

and basically perfectly ready to ride.

("Breezeblocks" by Alt-J) (men chat)

Do you know

Where the wild things go

They go along to take your honey

Break down, now weep, build up breakfast now

Let's eat, my love, my love, love, love (la la la la)

Do you know where the wild things go

They go along to take

- I got a big one. Your honey (la la la la)

Break down, now sleep, build up breakfast now

Let's eat, my love, my love, love, love

- Brett, you lost your cap thing here?

La la la la

Muscle to muscle and toe to toe

The fear has gripped me but here I go

My heart sinks as I jump up

Your hand grips hand as my eyes shut

- They don't have squeezable ketchup?

- Man, dude (bleep) dude!

More trash at the trails, bro.

- The squeeze ones?

- These are easier to dip in.

You gotta use like three squeezes for like one corn dog.

- I do not ever wanna go camping with you.


- Oh yeah, this looks cool. - Hey, I bring the food,

he brings the beer, just like a date.

She's morphine, queen of my vaccine

My love, my love, love love la la la la

Muscle to muscle and toe to toe

- I know these guys, I really enjoy 'em.

They're a really good group of friends of mine.

Basically come out here to hang out.

It's a really cool place in Lubbock, just to be, basically.

And we all just have a good time and dig,

and ride bikes.

(hammer taps)

It takes a lot of work for sure to keep these things going.

She may contain the urge to run away

- To have people come out and experience the trails

that were built, and it's all for fun.

And when someone comes out here and has a blast

and tells us these are the best trails

they've rode in Texas, that's a huge thing for us,

'cause there's only three of us that do this spot.

Ooh, my lovely

Please don't go, please don't go

I love you so, I love you so

Please don't go, please don't go

I love you so, I love you so

Please break my heart

Please don't go, please don't go

I love you so, I love you so

- It's for our own enjoyment, so.

I mean, shoot, we're all like,

in our 30s now, it's not like we're kids anymore.

Why do we keep doing this?

I don't know.

Why do we do this, Brett?

- [Brett] Exercise?


Please don't go

I'll eat you whole

I love you so, I love you so

- Cause we're not just out here for anyone else's benefit

but our own.

I love you so, I love you so

I love you so,

Please don't Go

I'll eat you whole

I love you so, I love you so

Please don't go

I'll eat you whole

I love you so, I love you so

- [Brett] And it's like, you can't explain

why we all spend 40 hours working a manual labor job,

and come out here and sweat our asses off.

And do it all over again, we work a 40 hour job here.

We can't explain any of it.

It's just something we have to do,

and for some reason it releases us,

and it's manual labor, but it's very peaceful in our minds.

(gentle music)

- [Radio Announcer] Punk rock is a word used by dilettantes,

and heartless manipulators about music.

- Our last set of trails was called

the Red Dirt trails, and

it started as a project from scratch.

We were working on a private land

and we had been given the go-ahead to work there,

and we built a solid line,

spent, I mean at one point,

I was probably spending 30 hours a week out there.

And eventually the landowner sold the land off

to a hotel company, and we had some issues with dumping.

People were dumping full houses worth of trash out there.

It was real rough for all of us.

- [Radio Announcer] You see, what sounds to you

like a big load of trashy...

- We dug there for about four years.

We had quite bit of jumps and all that,

dedication and time put in.

- It was within a week, trailer-fulls of trash

had been removed from the trails.

And that's a big deal when it's two or three of us

digging and having to take the trash out,

truckload at a time.

I guess the hotel corporation found out about it,

and they contacted us,

just leaving a handwritten note at first,

saying we weren't allowed to be there and whatnot,

contact this lawyer and this law firm.

And at first we were like, ah, it's bull (bleep),

just people, and this.

And then all of a sudden, the next day, we had a really,

an actually printed out piece of paper saying

this is a law firm works for so-and-so corporation

and it took about three days and our trails were plowed.

- It took a couple months and we experimented with a couple

of other spots, but we came across Woodhouse,

and we just started going to town, established a new spot.

And we actually did our research this time

to kinda determine who owned the land

and who was responsible for it.

We kind of determined that it was city property

and a flood plain, because all around the jumps

is nothing but flood plain,

so there's really no opportunity to develop.

- This is where Red Dirt was at,

and it was actually underneath these trees right here.

So it's kind of a crazy location,

just not really too hidden

compared to what Woodhouse is at now.

So you could actually see it from the highway

and whatnot when the jumps used to be there.

And this is the entrance, of course,

that is now blocked off.

Before the news, before everything happened,

well, after everything happened with the news and all that,

the owner just got to work.

Took everything down.

Pretty heartbreaking, you know?

Two and a half years of work,

and you come out here to come ride your bike,

thinking you're gonna have another good day

or another good session on your bike,

and you come out here and your two and a half years of work

is bulldozed just like that.

("I Can See Clearly Now" by Johnny Nash)

- My wife loves cooking, she loves having everyone over.

My daughter knows everybody by name, she's two and a half.

She refers to the biker boys, we are the boys.

So when I say I'm going to the jump,

she says, you're going to the jumps with the boys?

And that includes Isaac and Mo, Johnna met the dog Mo.

And then Cavi, and his dogs even, she knows all their names.

They are very much, everyone comes over

at least once a week for dinner and stuff.

We always hang out in my backyard, play with my daughter,

and everyone, Cavi has a daughter, so they're best friends.

(girls squeal)

I think I can make it now, the pain is gone

All of the bad feelings have disappeared

- It's kind of a funny question to ask

somebody who's married to or dating somebody who rides BMX.

It's such a passion and each person that does it,

and does it well, and does it continuously

on a regular basis, as a true hobby,

it take a lot of their time

and I think you have to appreciate it, one,

and, you know, be okay with giving their time.

There were not times when I was okay with it,

I just wanted the attention, I think.

But all in all, I think if you look at it

more from different views, if you will,

you can see they're a community

and all of them are really good guys.

And each person's unique, even though they ride

and do this whole BMX gig,

each person has their own differences and uniqueness

and different careers, and it's cool.

It's a cool conglomerate of people.

Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind

It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)

Sun-Shiny day

It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)

Sun-Shiny day

It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)

Sun-Shiny day

- Been through a lot, moving back to this town.

I had some falling outs with some really good friends,

and honestly,

when it comes to relying on somebody,

there's no one else better than your trail buddies,

cause they're there with you through the heat

and the dirt and the rain and the snow.

And if someone that will work and dig and help you

in an environment like that, I mean,

they're nothing but reliable.

(sentimental music)

- So with the rain coming, it actually creates more problems

if you don't have a good drainage system,

and at Woodhouse we've really worked hard to create

drainage systems throughout the trails,

where it tends to flood.

(rain spatters)

- That's what's happening right now.

All this rain has set us so far back,

and it's only three of us who really know

how to slap a jump in again.

It sucks, it really sucks.

So it's like, maintenance is,

maintenance has shut me down before at other trails.

- So as you can kinda see, everything's washed away

from the rain and all the showers.

So we also have a problem of water backin up

in this little bowl area.

And when we get a good downpour,

this is kinda the deep section and it gathers water.

We don't have a drainage pipe in this one,

so today we are going to,

to get dirt for over there,

we're also gonna help drain this out,

so we're gonna make drainage as we go with the trails.

And so we're gonna landscape and dig this down,

that way water will run downhill,

and we'll take it and guide it to clean this gap here.

And eventually I'll head off and go down the hill.

(metal tools clanging)

- You'll have a random visitor sometimes.

People really don't know what to expect

when they walk out here and they see this.

So now I'll turn on the chainsaw

and that typically scares 'em away.

Let's see if it works

(chainsaw roaring)

- It's annoying in general to see somebody out there

because it's not our land, it's not anything

of us, but it is our passion and everything.

Yeah, we don't own any of that stuff,

but it's just such a fragile thing to us

that we work so hard on that we constantly have to maintain,

and just to see someone do minor damage to it,

it's just always super aggravating and annoying.

- It's a little crazy when you come out here

and just see people out here.

I've come out here multiple times

and people just will be up there lookin around

and then when we come up they just kinda run away.

I don't know, most of the time we're pretty nice.

Unless you're destroying stuff

and then we won't be nice, so.

But, it takes a lot for someone to wanna come out here

and destroy it, you know, you see all the effort that's done

and the people who're like "Uh, I'm gonna rip this apart".

("Float On" by Modest Mouse)

- Trail Boss is I guess you can say

is like a slang thing for you're the main guy out there.

We all take pride,

we're all trail bosses between me, Brett and Cap,

we all are.

- We can't just ride the jumps when they're all dried out

and cracking like this and probably sanding.

So basically, the way in order to ride,

we need to carry water from the creek down there,

up the hill and then water the entire line,

every single jump, the entire way through.

Because therefore when your dirt's kinda moist,

not wet wet, but moist and it has a good sprinkle on it,

you get better traction, you can grip around the turns

and it's just a lot safer to ride.

So therefore, if we were gonna carry buckets of water

up here, by the time we water the whole line,

by the time we got to the end,

the first of it would be dry again.

So therefore we would just be a constant battle

of tryin to keep the dirt wet.

Which therefore is too hard.

So we just dig, we sweat our butts off.

- Right here where I'm at,

used to look exactly like that.

And what it is, is we're just gonna have a slope

and we're gonna cut an L out of it

and just flop dirt over and make

all of this flat and rideable.

This used to cut down just like

the rest of that is supposed to over there.

So we're basically gonna move that entire mountain.

We both got fired

On exactly the same day

Well we'll float on

Good news is on the way

- I'm gonna take this big one on here, alright.

- [Team Member] No! Don't do it.

Okay, yeah do that one.

- There's a big one. - Yeah, I know.

That's why, I saw that one behind it.

- No they're not trees, they're weeds bro.

- They look like trees.

- I'm seriously got choppers, we're gonna cut 'em.

- They're the same leaf dude, what are you talking about?

- They're not!

Those are weeds.

- You gotta let 'em grow in the trees.

- We don't need trees.

These trees don't grow cause there

are too many god (bleep) trees around.

They all gotta be pruned.

I was about to take all that out

and take all that.


- [Team Member] Don't do it, I saw you.

- Right here, if you had 10 trees growin out,

that would be...

- [Team Member] That's why I said

you can take out five of 'em.

- No, I need to leave one.

That way it can actually grow into a full tree.

Otherwise it's gonna fight the others

and they're all gonna die and compete for light.

- [Team Member] No, they're giving each other shade

to get more water.

- No, they don't need shade, they need sunlight

to make chlorophyll and Vitamin D

and all this bull (bleep), ya know what I'm sayin?

And we'll all float on alright

Already we'll all float on alright

Don't worry even if

Things end up a bit too heavy

We'll all float on alright

Already we'll all float on alright

Already we'll all float on okay

Don't worry we'll all float on

Even if things get heavy

We'll all float on alright

Already we'll all float on alright

Don't you worry

We'll all float on alright

We'll all float on

- You know, I really look forward to going to the trails

because it's a good time to get away from everything,

you know, work problems, life in general.

- Well today is exciting because today is the first day

we get to ride in several months.

Been too hot and we've been workin.

- [Team Member] Hey, you wanna ride that rough wet?

- Yeah, I'm gonna ride it wet.

- [Team Member] That's really wet.

- Heck yeah, I like it wet.


Alright, that sounds better.

But, we get to ride for the first time in several months.

("Hometown" by Twenty One Pilots)

My shadow tilts its head at me

Spirits in the dark are waiting

I will let the wind go quietly

I will let the wind go quietly

- It's to be a BMXer, you're always thinkin about

ridin your bike.

I mean, constantly, when I'm not on my bike,

I'm thinkin about it.

When I'm not here, I'm thinkin about diggin,

you know, it's just part of bein a rider,

it just keeps ya goin.

Be the one

Be the one

To take me home

And show me the sun

I know

I know

You can bring the fire

I can bring the bones

I know

I know

You make a fire

My bones will make it grow

It's definitely worth it.

I mean, it's hot, but, you know,

get a couple runs in and you forget about the heat,

you forget about sweating, all you think about

is the stoke and how much fun it is to get in the air

and you know, have your friends hootin and hollerin

for ya, that's just the best feelin ever.

Our hometown's in the dark

- Everything is worth it here.

Of course, it is.

It's very tiring, exhausting, but self-satisfactory

and it puts me in my zen.

I will let the wind go quietly

Put away

Put away

All the gods

Your father served today

Put away

Put away

Your traditions

Believe me when I say

We don't know

We don't know

How to put back

The power in our soul

We don't know

We don't know

Where to find

What once was in our bones

It's kinda our hobby is just bein out here.

Though even, if we didn't jump 'em,

we'd probably still dig 'em.

Where we're from

We're no one

Our hometown's in the dark

Our hometown's in the dark

- We're all in it for the same thing, you know.

It's to ride ramps and have fun.

- Anyone that would replace it would have to be

a hard worker and dedicated.

Well Lubbock doesn't, you know, we're not a big BMX town,

so not many kids even know about it.

My shadow tilts its head at me

Spirits in the dark are waiting

- I would love it.

I would honestly love to come here 20 years later

and see this place even bigger, more people riding

and the kids ask "Who are you?",

and I'm like "Psh, let me tell you who I am"


- If we don't get kicked out we'll be here forever

and the place will just be established

and the longer we're here, the bigger we become

and the better we become.


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