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The South Plains Sessions: Everything is Sad

Everything is Sad performs in The South Plains Sessions.

AIRED: March 26, 2019 | 0:26:48

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- [Corey] It was me and Jordyn.

- Yeah, it started out with me and Corey

as a like a two piece,

just like side project thing.

And then.

- Practicing in her parents' spare room.

- Yeah.

- And then-- - I came to--

- Our first show, Will came to our first show

and was like I'll play guitar. - It was the first like,

it was like the second house show I'd ever been to either.

Like I don't know anybody.

And we just started talking 'cause no one was there.

- He was such a baby then too.

- Yeah. - Like super baby face.

I was like, yeah, whatever, dude.

- Yeah, pretty fad.

- And then he came to like our first practice

and then he was just riffing.

And I was just like, oh, this guy's real.

He's the real deal.

- And we knew Aaron for a long time--

- Oh yeah. - Because he played

like a lot of the,

pretty much as all the same shows with us.

And eventually, like, we were like really determined

to make like the power trio with no bass work.

We were just like, we can do this.

We can do this.

We recorded a demo like that

and like literally two weeks later we were like, hey, Aaron.


- Yep, he jumped on and that's it.

- And that's been the life ever since.


- I don't know.

The name wasn't Everything is Sad originally.

It was-- - Tell 'em what it was.


- It was Baby Youth, right?

- It was Baby Youth, that's what Corey and decided on.

And then actually my best friend,

we were talking and she was like, I don't like that name.

And I was like, okay, I was like, what, I was like,

do you have any like recommendations?

And she was like, how about Everything is Sad?

And I was like, that's perfect.


(rock music)

(slow rock music)

(slow rock music)

♪Sitting in class

♪Drawing flowers in math

♪Reams of satin and glass

♪In her hair

♪Doing my best

♪Writing songs about death

♪There is fire in my breast

♪And here eyes

(upbeat rock music)

- This project is so different from all our other projects.

And it's pretty easy to like write something and be like,

I know where this goes, you know?

- Yeah.

Sometimes when you play something you can be like,

kinda be like, okay, this should have lyrics over it.

Or this sounds kinda like it would be

the normal song format.

But if it's just kinda wonky and out there

and we just bring it together.

- The thing that like makes this band

really easy to work in, I wouldn't say easy actually,

like interesting to work in is like we've decided

that this is like a totally like democratic project.

So everybody gets equal say.

So I think like all our other projects are kind of like

the impetus for that was just that like

we all kinda wanted to have like our own babies

where it's like we get to say what happens there.


So if there's something you gotta just have one way,

like you know how it's gonna go,

that probably goes to like your own like individual band.

And then if you got stuff that's like,

hey, like I wanna take this to the guys

and see how this comes together.

- Yep. - Yeah.

- Well, we're fixing to take like a sort of a,

we're taking a kinda save the marriage sabbatical.

We're kinda gonna try to, we've been playing this set

for like a really long time.

We wanna do like--

- We're wanting to like, it's not reinvent the band, but--

- Revamping.

- Get some, yeah, kinda revamp it, put some touch ups.

- Yeah.

- Getting a little heavier.

- It's kinda coming out.


(upbeat rock music)


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