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AIRED: October 11, 2018 | 0:25:31

(energetic electronic music)


(engine starting)

(bleeping profanity)

(bleeping profanity) - Oh hey!

- Is someone back there?

- What the hell?

- What are you doing back there?

- What are you doing up there?

This is my truck!

- What are you doing sleeping in the back of a truck?

- Are you stealing my truck you son of a--


♪ We're gonna go real fast and pretend to smell the sea ♪

(bleeping profanity)

♪ We're gonna raise our hands

♪ We will see the sky

♪ We will hear the sounds

♪ We will never die

♪ Goes the roller coaster


- Hey man, have you calmed down yet?

- What?

- Man, I was asking if you had calmed down.

- You're kidnapping me.

I think I have the right to be a little upset.

- That's fair.

Hey man, it's not like I set out tonight

trying to kidnap anybody.

I didn't even plan on stealing this truck.

Who leaves their keys in the truck anyway

especially if you're sleeping in it?

- Well I can find them easier that way

if they're just up on the seat.

- Look, things have been rough, man.

Been kicked out of my place,

my parents won't give me a ride,

I don't have any way to get to work,

they won't take me there, so I guess I stole your truck.

- Dang man, I didn't know all that.

You don't need to go around stealing cars.

I mean, I could give you a ride from, you know,

from here to there sometimes when you need it.

- Really man?

You'd do that for me?

- Uh, yeah man.

Next time I come in through town, for sure.

- Next time?

What's that about?

What do you mean next time?

- Well, I'm a traveler.

I travel the country in my truck, this truck.

- So you've never been to Lubbock?

- Nope.

- That's wild, man.

Well, just to let you know, Lubbock's a great place

to settle down if you ever decide to do that.

- Yeah?

- Oh yeah man.

It's really cheap to live here.

Plus, it takes 10 minutes to get anywhere.

It's really easy to get around.

All the streets are alphabetical one way

and numeric the other.

So really man?

You've never been to Lubbock?

- No man, I haven't.

- It's actually a great place to live.

We have a low crime rate

and everyone's pretty friendly here.

Oh look, there's Texas Tech.

So check this out,

there was this big tornado in 1970

and it ripped the roof off

that big orange building over there,

but then it was like, nope, and it put it right back down.

That's wild, right?

At least I think that's what happened.

I don't really know.

And that's where the new Buddy Holly center's gonna be

once it's finished.

- Oh really, like a convention center or something?

- Yeah, something like that.

I'll swing by the actual Buddy Holly Center too.

- [Man] Those are some big glasses.

- [Driver] And there's Lubbock High,

where he went to school.

- [Man] Oh cool, was he from here?

- Yeah dude.

- That's crazy.

What's he doing these days?

- Say again?

- I said, what's he doing these days?

- Buddy Holly?

- Yeah.

- Dude, Buddy Holly's dead.

- What, really?

- Yeah dude, he's been dead for a while,

like he's been very dead for a very long time.

- Oh.

- And that's where all the college kids get drunk.

We got music and some art.

That's where we get our news and coffee.




And some more coffee.

And some more coffee over there.

We like coffee.

We're a college town.

You know what I mean?

- Yeah, definitely.

Gotta stay awake somehow.

Plus, I think coffee's real in right now.

Uh, you know, it used to be cupcakes

and then like cookie shops, and then, you know,

but, I mean, coffee's always consistent.

- [Driver] Oh (bleeping profanity)

- Oh (bleeping profanity)


- Uh, nothing man.

Uh, no worries.

Uh, Lubbock's a pretty cool place, ain't it?

- Where are we going?

- Uh, just gotta make a quick pit stop.

Hang tight.

- Hang tight?

(thumping) Oh, God.

- Uh, hey man, so, we're on empty.

Uh, do you have a debit card or something

that we could use to fill this thing up?

- Look man, I've got some money, but,

wait, did you use the whole tank of gas?

- Uh yeah, remember the tour of the city, the coffee,

Lubbock High, uh, we're on empty.

- All right, hold on.

Let me get out.


- Those Cheese Puffs?


- Look man, it's been fun, but I'm tired.

I need to get to bed.

I wanted to get up and go see the sunrise in New Mexico.

- New Mexico?

Man, you could watch it here.

- All right.

Can I drive at least?

- Course man, it's your truck.

Can I get some cheese puffs?

- Yeah.

(engine starting)


What was that?

- [Passenger] Oh shoot, the cheese balls.

- [Driver] I thought you were grabbing 'em.

- [Passenger] Not the whole bucket, man,

just a little handful.

- [Driver] Look at this mess.

- [Passenger] Leave it.

- [Driver] Didn't you say we needed gas?

- [Passenger] There's plenty of gas stations

in Lubbock, man, cheese it.

Dude, the hatch is still open.

- [Driver] What?

Go close it, what are you doing?

I can't believe this guy.

First he steals my truck, kidnapping me,

then he takes me on some weird tour.

- [Passenger] All right, man, you ready to go?

- [Driver] Yeah man, let's go.

Uh, where's a good spot to go see the sunrise?

- [Passenger] See?

Isn't it beautiful?


- [Driver] Yeah man.

Lubbock's a pretty neat place.

- [Passenger] So you want to go check out Prairie Dog Town?

- [Driver] What the hell's Prairie Dog Town?

- [Passenger] It's a town with prairie dogs.

- [Driver] What does that even mean?

- [Passenger] Have you never seen a prairie dog?

- [Driver] No, what are those?

- [Passenger] They're like little ferrets that

come out of the ground, but there's a whole town of 'em.

(bleeping profanity)

- [Driver] Is that really something worth seeing?

- [Passenger] Definitely.

- [Driver] Do they sell t-shirts?

- [Passenger] No they don't sell t-shirts,

they're animals.

- [Driver] No, like do they have a shop?

Do they sell like t-shirts at Prairie Dog Town Park?

- [Passenger] What?

No man, it's just animals in a field.

- [Driver] Oh.

- [Passenger] Still wanna go?

- [Driver] I guess.

- [Newscaster] These pictures are frightening indeed.

- [Woman] This is so shocking, of course,

to everybody watching.

(sirens sounding) (people panicking)

- [Woman] And looted during the racial riots.

- [Man] And being thrown.

Even the event organizer was pepper sprayed at one point.

At least three people were arrested and charged.

(gun firing) (sirens sounding)

- [Man] Oh God, oh God, oh God.

- [Man] Even at this moment.

- [Woman] Everywhere you look in Korea Town

and downtown L.A., and in South Central,

there was chaos today, a mob mentality,

burning, looting, and in some cases, even celebrating.

- And those on the other hand,

who view the violence spreading throughout Los Angeles,

as an expression of sheer lawlessness.

- Treated at near-by hospitals,

but law enforcement are telling us that

there are a number of bodies that remain in the church.

- Good morning, Georgia.

From the air, you're gonna get a sense of the scope

of this massacre, those deadly bullets flying.

- [Narrator] If you've turned on your TV,

or follow the news, you might feel like

the world is getting worse,

but is this actually what is happening?

(melancholy orchestral music)

Public perception about crime in the United States

leans toward crime increasing,

but according to the Pew Research Center

and statistics from the FBI, crime is on the decline.

Since 1993, violent and property crime has decreased

by nearly 50% and the nation's

overall rate for gun deaths has declined by 31%.

There are theories that explain

the discrepancy between public perception

and what reality actually is.

Medium theorist, Dr. Brian Ott,

states the world may not be as bad

as portrayed in the media.

- I don't see media as something in our environment,

I see media as our environment.

So I think our whole world is mediated.

And so I think whatever the dominant technologies

at any given moment in society are,

that's what the nature of society looks like.

So we're in what I would call sort of

the third major phase or historical period for media

and that would be digital media

and we live in an endless digital environment.

(humming) (beeping)

(people talking)

- [Man] You mentioned that you don't have cable,

but you do watch TV.

Is there any other forms of media

that you use to get your information from?

- On Facebook.

- Social media would kind of be my main form of media.

- I don't watch the news a lot because it makes me sad.

- I read Truth Dig.

I read The Intercept.

- I don't even watch FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, those,

you know, that type of media at least.

It's clearly slanted to the left.

- Media has done a fantastic job of devaluing human life.

(cheerful electronic music)

- Anytime you have access to information and knowledge,

that's a good thing, but at the same time,

it can be too much.

It can help you start to,

er, I don't know if help is the right word,

but it can make you start to think

that things really are bad in the world.

- The media can sort of magnify bad news

and there are some good news stories

that aren't as attractive to cover in the media

and maybe we need more good news going out,

way to make it exciting.

- One of the older concepts that's been talked about

is sort of the mayhem index where things are

going negatively.

It has high dramatic potential or

a power and people are drawn to dramatic stories

and so there's been a movement in our news industry

to make it more and more commercial.

If you're truly interested in just informing people, right?

You would get the advertising industry

out of the news all together, but we don't do that.

And one of the ways that we know that the news

is commercial, particularly the televised news,

for instance, is that there are literally

commercial breaks in the middle of the news.

- If you'll excuse me, I'll just take a break

from making this point while enjoying

the refreshing taste of Mountian Dew Code Red.

- [Man] Today's weather, brought to you by Choice Hotels.

- [Announcer] Light up a Camel and by an eye witness

to the happenings that made history in the last 24 hours.

(film reel rattling)

(soft electronic music)

- My first post doc that I did

was in computational cognitive science.

We talked a lot about sampling.

And the idea that when you're trying to learn a topic

or a concept or what a category is,

you have to collect samples.

If I had a bag of M&M's, right?

And I wanted you to, or maybe it was just a bag of candy

and I wanted you to make a generalization about that bag,

you would start pulling samples out of that bag of candy

and if all you did was pull out green M&M's,

then you'd probably say that,

well, it's a bag of green M&M's, right?

If you pulled a green M&M, then a Jolly Rancher,

you might say well, it's a bag of candy

because you're sampling these bits of evidence

and you're assuming that the samples that you're collecting,

which you've assumed are randomly sampled,

are being pulled out of that bag,

are representative of the whole bag.

- And what that means is that we're often

not talking across our differences.

So we see this in the political sphere as well

and this is one of the places where it's most significant

and I think one of the reasons why our politics

has become so divided is people can literally tune in

to the news and information that confirms their

pre-existing audiological biases.

- [Man] We are hearing it.

- Yes, I'm sorry, they--

- But FOX viewers are not hearing it.

People who are in Alabama, conservative viewers,

are not hearing it.

- Now hopefully they're turning the channel

and hearing all sides, but unfortunately, too often,

folks on the left and the right live in bubbles

and right now on the right, that bubble--

- When we have these echo chambers or these silos,

where, particularly where social media,

where we're, we think we have a grasp of what

everybody's opinions are, but we're really just seeing

is one type of opinion or one type of group of opinion,

so people say that a lot of liberals were really surprised

that Donald Trump was elected president.

- Just in case the unthinkable has happened

and Donald Trump is our new president--

- America is crying tonight.

I'm not sure how much of America,

but a very, very significant portion

and I mean literally crying.

- [Man] Means that Donald Trump will be the 45th president

of the United States.

- As far as they could see, in their social media feeds,

everybody didn't like Donald Trump.

So why would he have been elected?

Well, that's because the people who

were talking positively about Donald Trump

were in a different silo and so if we make those

generalizations beyond what that actual sample looks like,

it's skewing our perspective of what's

really happening in the world.

- [Man] This is the CBS television network.

- [Narrator] During the golden age of television,

there were three major media networks

that set the agenda for how we perceive the world.

Today with the rise of new media outlets,

we now have the ability

to set our own perceptions of society.

But is this selective exposure

causing a different kind of problem?

- There is some recent research that suggests

younger generations are turning away from television news,

but of course, they're turning towards social media

to get their news, so on the one hand,

they're turning away toward one kind of news,

but they're turning toward another type of news

that it appears is no better.

I'm not really the type of individual who

says the world is getting better or getting worse.

The world is getting different.

(cheerful electronic music)

- [Narrator] As time moves forward,

technology is changing rapidly and affects

the ways in which we communicate on a global scale.

The average person spends more than five years

of their life on social media,

combined with over seven years

watching television and we spend

more than 12 years of our lives consuming media.

Because of this, we should make it our due diligence

to inform ourselves of opposing viewpoints

and create conversation that provokes consideration

and not condemnation.

What was once meant to inform us,

is misleading us into a comfortable bias

of self-regulated confirmation,

but we are the ones that ultimately determine

how we allow ourselves to be impacted.

Access to information is a tool to be used

to leverage our human experience

and not to segregate us with only those

that think like we do.

Don't get stuck in virtual reality.

Broaden your horizon.

Take control and live in your reality.

(cheerful electronic music)

(energetic rock music)

♪ Sick

♪ Red

♪ Smoke

♪ Rings

♪ Call

♪ Me

♪ Dope

♪ King

♪ Running

♪ Running

♪ Running

♪ Running


♪ Running

♪ Running

(energetic rock music)


(door closing)


(energetic rock music)

(door closing)



(rushing water)















(low pitched humming)



(muffled rock music)

(air conditioner humming)


(energetic rock music)

♪ I can't tell you what it does ♪

♪ I can't, psycho

♪ Just go back to what it was

(cheerful electronic music)


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