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In this episode of 24 Frames we have two short films from young filmmakers, Clementine and The Lighthouse.

AIRED: December 17, 2019 | 0:26:48

(Intro music)

- [Clementine] I can seat on the couch if you want.

- [Interviewer] No, no, right there is fine.

- [Clementine] Okay.

Do you want anything to drink?

I'm sorry, I didn't offer a -

- [Interviewer] I think we're good.

- [Clementine] Okay, should we just get started then?

- [Interviewer] Yup.

- I'm so happy.

I mean, my life is,

it's full.

- [Interviewer] Can you explain that a little bit more?

What do you mean by full?

- Well, it's...

It's like a dream.

- My life (laughs) is like a dream.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- I guess I just, I don't know what you want me to say.

- [Interviewer] It's okay Jerry,

you don't need to be nervous.

- Okay, yeah!

- [Interviewer] Why don't we start with

you telling us about Clementine?

- Oh, Clem! She's a real special one.

She's a gem!

- [ Interviewer] How long have you been together?

- I reckon it's been about 15 years now.

- We met back in high school,

she was a freshman and I was a senior

and I guess the sparks just kinda flew,

'cause we've been together ever since.

- [Interviewer] You okay?

- Yeah, I just don't do a lot of talking.

- 15 years?

Has it been that long already?

- Jerry is wonderful!

I mean, he's so sweet!

And he is dependable, you know?

I mean, I can count on Jerry for anything.

And he is solid as a board.

He kinda reminds me of my grandmother (laughs)

Grandma Pearl.

I know that sounds weird,

but she was always so comforting as a kid,

she was so caring.

That's how Jerry is.

My friends?

Oh, I have the best friends!

Especially Francine!

Francine is my oldest friend,

we've known each other for like, ever!

- Humm, I love this color!

- [Clementine] At least as long as I can remember.

Well, it loves you!

I tell Franci everything!

I practiced since last time.

That's what I call her, Franci.

- Saturday night!


- She's so funny!

It's always Saturday night for you Franci.

- What is that supposed to mean?

- Oh, come on!

It's not a bad thing, you're the most fun person I know.

- I always have fun with you.

And she always has gossip!

How should I know who that is?

- Oh, yes you do!

Well, Bethany is cheating on Brian

and Brian is cheating on Bethany.

- Oh my God!

- Neither one of them has a clue!

Can you even believe it?

Oh my lord! - Oh my lord!

How did you even find out?

- Oh, I have my sources, you know that!


this is so good!

More garçon! (both laughing)

- Let's see, there's Lonnie, the mailman.

Well, he's real name is Leonard,

but we're friends, so he let's me call him Lonnie.

Hey Lonnie, good morning!

- There she is!

My special lady, how are you this morning?

- Oh, I'm good!

You're not working too hard are you?

- I never do, but I do got your mail here.

- He's a real gentleman.

- Oh, Thank you! - My lady!

(both laughing)

How's Jer?

Oh, he's good, he's great!

- That's is real messed up. - Yeah, it is.

- I saw the title.

Don't be embarrassed

- Yeah, well...

- You do you! (both laughing)

That's what the kids are saying.

Well, you enjoy the sunshine, all right?

- I will, don't work too hard.

Honestly, I don't really get out much,

but I guess I'm just friends with everybody I meet.

Never met a stranger.

There's Agatha, from the church,

well Aggie to me, of course.

- You know, I didn't get divorce to eat healthy.

So I'm there and I'm looking for a chicken

and I can't find a chicken anywhere.

- Oh, oh, you can't smoke in here!

- Oh honey, of course!

- She comes by every now and again.

- Silly me!

Any who, so I'm looking for a chicken-

- She's interesting.

- Honey, I got this from Avon.

- Oh!

- You know, Avon calling!

- (laughs) I remember that.

- Isn't that the most beautiful smell?

It's like floral, but it's also like a perfume.

- Yeah! - You know? Hum!

- It's beautiful!

- I love it, I wear it-

- Then there's Alfonz, he's my yoga instructor.

- And then we go in with the good,

all the positive energy in the universe,

we accept it into our very being

and then we breath out.

- [Clementine] He's my guilty pleasure.

- Eyes closed, we're enjoying just being!

We're just here, we're here in the moment.

And we're loving life, as life offers itself to us.

(takes a deep breath)

We take it in (breathes in)

and we breath out. (breathes out)

In (breathes in)

and out, that's it.

(breathes out)

- Talk about eye candy.

- And then we bring the arms up.

That's it, now hold it and you breathe.

In! (breathes in)

And back out! (breathes out)

- Oh! I also have a pen pall at the state penitentiary.

He's name is Victor, we write letters to each other

and we talk on the phone twice a month.

Been dying to hear from you!

I mean, can you imagine being locked up everyday,

with no connection to the outside world?

You're so brave! (laughs)

Oh, Victor!

Well, if anyone can do it, you can!

- I just finished the entire series!

No, I read all of them.


Yeah, I've been practicing my reading.

No, you should read them.

No, seriously.

- [Clementine] He thinks he's this tough guy,

but deep down he's just a big softie.


I just have a really great husband and really great friends.

(dramatic music)

- [Interviewer] Why do you do it Jerry?

- I guess I don't know what else to do.

I mean, I, you know, I just-

(Clementine cries)

- [Clementine] Grandma!

- [Interviewer] Jerry? Jerry!

Go, go, go, go!

Follow him!

(dramatic music)

- [Clementine] Grandma! Grandma! (cries)

- [Clementine] Grandma!

(desperate cry)

- Hush, hush

- Grandma! (cries)

- Grandma Pearl is here!

You know, when you get married

and you say your vows,

you make a promise,

you say in sickness and in health

and, you know,

you don't really think about that promise until

until sickness happens.

You know, everybody left,


Friends, her family...

These fits, they just couldn't handle it and

so they left.

- [Interviewer] How often do the fits happen?

- Well, everyday, you know, multiple times a day.

These thing is,

it's slowly killing her.

Her brain is, you know, disappearing.

Just like her friends.

But not me!

No, sir!

Not me!

You know, I made a promise, to Clem.

I made a promise to her, even in sickness.

(dramatic music)

- Yeah!

My life is like,

a dream!

My life is like a dream!

- Morning!

- Good morning.

- How did you sleep?

- I slept pretty good.

How did you sleep?

- Just like a rack!

The way I like it.

- Oh, honey.

- Thank you!

(thrilling orchestral music)

- [Jonah] I think that there's a reason

that architecture has been built

has a major pillar of aesthetic development to society.

Along side things like,

art and sculpture and cinematography.

It's because it can constantly evolve,

it has people willing to critique themselves

and look at their own identity

and find things that are either useless,

or need to be expanded upon.

- [Professor] It's most important for architecture,

to bring people together,

it's not all about just creating a beautiful space,

but it's about creating something that people can experience

and wanna come back to

and bringing different types of people under one roof.

- [Jonah] Everything is designed by the architect,

or the designer, everything, so the window, the exterior,

the paint, everything is chosen

and it's a perfect work of art.

- We're wanting to design and create for other people,

because architecture is for the people

and so whatever we do, whatever we create,

that's impacting other people, changing things.

( dramatic music)

(cars driving by)

(operating machines)

- So,

the last five days or so,

I sleep in about two to three hour increments,

about once a day, sometimes twice a day

if I can manage a nap,

but today, for example,

I've only gotten about 45 minutes of sleep

and the day before that, I got about an hour and a half.

Not really sure how I'm awake right now.

I kinda figured

there's some kind of spirit of architecture design

just possesses me at some point.

(dramatic music)

Keeps you going.

- Studio culture is notoriously in architecture,

is notorious for the Light Tower, that is our building

and where the light on, day and night, 24/7

and when we are on duty in studio.

To me, studio is an environment that is sacred,

where we leave everything behind

of the everyday hustle and bustle

and we focus on the problem,

we imagine things, we study precedents.

It's any tool that they can use to visualize their ideia

and communicate it and to figure it out

and then draw, the drawings or models and then shape it.

- I already have ideas of where people enter the site.

Like mainly through here, or over here,

something like that.

So I think, if I need to make a parking garage,

that can help in format.

- Yes, because then they're gonna ask you:

Well you know the mechanics of the building,

so how the mechanics of getting into the car

and getting out of the car ,

it should just be as efficient and flawless and seamless.

You know?

So don't forget about the layout of parking.

(dramatic music)

- As soon as I decided that I wanted to study architecture,

I , of course, looked up how intense the workload was

and I was very surprised to find out

that it is considered the hardest college major.

I've stuck with it

because it's very rewarding at the end of the day,

to see the progress and the passion that you put forward

into something manifested in a model or a drawing

and it's a very unique field in that way,

because you collaborate with students and faculty

to make your project better,

not looking for a final solution

but to instead create a dialogue around

a certain point of conversation, with your concepts.

So, Lubbock a huge history with infrastructure,

by infrastructure I mean the megastructure

which is the physical representation of systems

that we've embed within the Earth.

So this could be a water tower, an electrical post,

or various things like that.

These infrastructures themselves,

are very separated from the way that we leave day-to-day

and it provokes all the questions,

as to why we live this way.

I mean, infrastructure provides the way

that we get energy and water, and resources.

So, if they provide so much of our modern lives,

why are they so separated from ourselves?

- What would this look like

if I just took a chunk of infrastructure out of this?

What would that spacially look like?

Because if I am already in this guy's space

and suddenly all of this disappears and just beams,

like that, and I can look into another building here,

but maybe there's another piece of metal

that's affecting my view here.

So I think you setting up this kind of weird moments

in elevation are very beautiful,

but they're not doing anything more

than being the structure, right?

- Right.

- I want you to take away from these systems,

not use all these engineer precisions,

take away what they're doing for you.

- The review process is meant to be an infrastructure,

through which to expose students

to an outside questions related to the project at hand.

- It's often seen as a judgment day, kind of thing,

but without it, you would've been stuck in the same part

that you've had from the first week, you know?

And it's getting lots of different eyes,

to look at your project.

The review process can be very heartbreaking though,

because it's also a reality check,

that whatever you've been working on for weeks,

maybe is not working

and you need to reevaluate the whole project.

- I think you have a very strong proposal in the making,

all right?

Except for the line weights in your drawings which are awful

is that correct?

I mean, come on.

There three boundaries that are not even physical boundaries

are thicker than...

You will get to that.

As a summary-

- In my experience,

if you get a review that's just compliments,

than honestly not much is accomplished there.

You need to be criticized.

(calm music)

- So with this model,

I'm basically trying to show how the building is,

more or less, assembled on the skin

or the facade, as we call it.

- So kinda talking about how the structure relates

to something that can be collaged on top of it

and how this becomes the appearance of the building,

as opposed to something that's more of a foreign object.

(cuts paper)

(students talking)

- I hate models, I just hate models.

(students talking)

I swear I'm going to cut a finger off, at the very end.

If it's going to be at any time,

it's gonna be at the very end of my model making.

- So I've been working on this model

for probably 5 or 6 hours already.

And you can kinda see the progress that's been done.

The process is very tedious, but basically,

I laser cut the horizontal structure of this model

and I hand cut the little vertical members

that you see running this way.

And so most of what I'm doing right now,

is just attaching these things together, with super glue.

But it's super tedious,

because these pieces are really small and love to break.

- I need one prospective

in addition to the one that I've already completed.

I need some kind of elevation collage

to represent the materials

that I'm going to propose for this recreation center

and I

still need to finish my model,

plus if I have time

a section model to better


my overall concept of dynamic change in depth and contrast.

It's a lot. (laughs)

I'll be up pretty much the rest of the night, probably.


- This is the first review I've ever seen

where no one is here, the night before.

I think we're all about to get shafted.

Pardon my french.

(dramatic music)

- Order is the final review,

I don't think the design is final,

it's still ongoing process.

I think it's an unique form, you know, architecture school,

that we are having this kind of review processes.

Obviously students are stressed, many times,

but this is also kinda rigorous,

kinda our effort

and, you know, kinda practice,

that we basically educate and then design our students

into the architecture field.

- I started to think about the media tech as our program

is something that is constantly evolving,

so if the process of media is evolving

why shouldn't our building,

and so what I did was I considered the media tech

as a system which can be abstracted

and the way that I did this is,

I looked at our programs and started to analyze

how these things connect and relate to one another,

so I can abstract these things into a network

that could be applied to various different conditions.

So I thought it might be nice to foremost challenge,

what a social infrastructure is for Lubbock,

by introducing a landscape expression

that actually wraps around the site

and creates a walkable city in some ways.

And so that actually takes the form

of this rising path here, that goes around,

as well as this ground level terrain, right here.

After considering that landscape expression,

I started to make these vertical cores,

which become the support for my building

and would actually become the connections

between the programs themselves.

- There are

so many ideas in this presentation,

that are extremely interesting,

but then at the end it becomes so overwhelming

and I think it fails

to create links

between the ideas in greatness of the rigor,

that would have emerged

by potentially including less parameters

and less intentions,

but emphasizing and digging deeper into them.

- I decided to give,

such as double height spaces,

to some of the more prominent experiences in here,

such as the basketball court.

Which is seen in both ground floor and basement level,

also seen in this section right here

and then a double height space to the dent / yoga studio.

- Megan, this is fantastic!

I really really liked this project, a lot.

This section that you have here is really well done,

it shows an awful lot of care,

not only to kind of the tectonics and the formal things,

but also the experience

that people will have moving through this.

So, that said, all the praise said, couple of critiques,

You could've been, this pancake thing,

we'll have to come up with a better name for it

than the pancake in the disk.

It doesn't need to sit like,

like right on top of everything else, I think.

I think you could afford to have a little bit more,

it could float a little bit more,

or it could separate from the kind of podium.

- This was very much a trial and error kinda studio,

figuring out what works, what doesn't work,

mainly what doesn't work. (laughs)

But it's been great, major learnings experience for me.

So, I'm ready to move on. (laughs)

- I feel like it was a pretty fair review.

I mean, I feel like the reviewers may have gotten

a bit

stuck on specificity,

when I think that the scale of our 3rd year project

envokes more general design,

but I think it was good to hear.

You always have to be optimistic

whenever a review seems bad,

but it's really because the reviewers care enough

to tell you something.

The semester has been pretty rough so far, not gonna lie.

But, I can't lie, it's instantly relieving

to have that review out of the way,

even if it didn't seem like it went that well.

It's a lot in the past now, which is good.

There's been a lot of sleepless nights,

a lot of nights gone hungry

because I've been too busy designing,

but I think it was worth it, to learn something.

(dramatic music)

(crowd cheering)


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