Updated as of  Dec. 10, 2021

Since May 2020, the United States has faced multiple movements calling out injustices and violence against Black, Indigenous, AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander), LGBTQIA+, religious and other communities. Continued lack of access for disabled communities has also been highlighted by activists in the streets and online.

ALL ARTS recognizes the vast array of diverse voices within the arts. In June of 2020, we committed to having hard conversations about the ways historical systems of power have plagued American history and bled into the arts community.

Since beginning those ongoing discussions, The WNET Group has made DEI commitments. And at ALL ARTS, we have also committed to the following action points:

We commit to further amplifying the voices of diverse artists through our programming and partnerships.

We commit to an audit of our current programming to better implement a production and programming strategy that best reflects diverse communities.

We commit to increasing diverse representation in ALL ARTS staffing, advisory and commissioning practices. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • ALL ARTS hiring (writers, filmmakers, production crew members and other content creators)
  • The ALL ARTS Editorial Advisory Board and Artistic leadership
  • The ALL ARTS Programming team
  • The ALL ARTS Artists-in-Residence program

We commit to staff-wide diversity and anti-racism training.

We commit to communicating openly about race, and holding ourselves accountable to the above points of action, in the effort to continue to do anti-racist work.

Since our initial statement on June 24, 2020, we have:

  • July 2020: Evaluated partnerships to ensure that they align with the values outlined in this pledge.
  • Nov. 2020: Increased transparency in the pitching process by providing public-facing documentation on how to submit content for consideration.
  • Dec. 2020: Expanded the scope of the Artistic Director role to be a full-time position and hired James King to lead the team in content development, fundraising, oversight of the artist-in-residence program and the Editorial Advisory Board, among other duties.
  • Jan. 2021: Expanded our artists-in-residency program to create funding opportunities for multiple artists and to increase partnerships in the New York City community. More information on the artists included in the program can be found on the ALL ARTS website.

In the next six months and beyond, we will:

  • Conduct a comprehensive programming audit, adhering to a process outlined with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) department of The WNET Group.
  • Engage in ongoing anti-racism training led by the DEI team.
  • Launch new programming that provides deep engagement with topics of inclusion and equity.
  • Continue to evaluate partnerships to ensure that they align with the values outlined in this pledge.

We will continue to keep our community updated on our progress, and we welcome questions and feedback at AllArtsInfo@wliw.org.

Statement published June 24, 2020

Black lives matter. Black art matters.

Over the past weeks, ALL ARTS has engaged in internal discussions with its staff and the WNET Group to work on how to best affirm our commitment to the Black community while looking inward at how we can address systemic racist structures within public media. These vital preliminary conversations are just the first step as ALL ARTS continues to understand how it can best serve in this moment and beyond.

ALL ARTS stands alongside the Black community as we face the painful deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks and the growing list of others killed by police and violent vigilantes as demands for dismantling racist systems within this country continue.

We believe that racism does not have a place within the arts. We, too, understand that ALL ARTS is not immune to the racist structures and practices that have plagued the artistic community throughout history.

We recognize that contributions of Black artists have been muted, appropriated and capitalized on repeatedly and systematically.

Equity must be furthered and fostered within ALL ARTS — from staffing to programming. This necessary work will allow us to better serve our diverse community of artists and audiences in a way that is meaningful and just.

We realize a statement alone isn’t sufficient. There are very hard conversations happening both within ALL ARTS and WNET right now that will inform our forthcoming commitments. We want these action items to be impactful and measurable. With a public-facing pledge, we aim to be accountable to each other, our partners and our audience.

We will continue to keep our community updated on our progress, and we welcome questions and feedback at AllArtsInfo@wliw.org.