10th Annual Collaborations in Dance Festival at Triskelion Arts

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Lucy and Ethel; PB&J; Harry, Ron and Hermione. Some of our most beloved partnerships are often the result of unlikely combinations of personalities, experiences or ingredients. This year, Triskelion Art’s 2018 Collaborations in Dance Festival celebrates out-of-the-box pairings in live performance. The two-weekend event features dance artists who integrate shamanism, digital music, puppetry and more into their work. How will two performers weave comedy improv with contemporary dance? What happens when a TED resident technologist takes over a theater? Can dancers and fiber artists transform a courtyard into a gigantic knitted web? Don’t miss this diverse festival where each night will be different from the next. This year’s festival is guest-curated by writer and choreographer Trina Mannino, and has expanded to include both short, festival-style works as well as longer, curated performances. During the first weekend, Mannino’s “Ghost Women: A Dance and Knitting Installation” will lead each program. “Ghost Women” is a 30-minute outdoor performance installation featuring a multigenerational cast of knitters and dancers ranging in ages from 19 to 70. Together, the artists will perform in and weave knitting through fiber artist Sarah Finkle’s crocheted rope installation in Triskelion Arts’ courtyard. The project was sparked by a conversation between Mannino and her frequent collaborator, California-based Misa Kelly, about aging and the duality of feeling invisible and objectified in our culture. Knitting later entered their dialogue for its ability to connect generations. “Ghost Women” brings female-identifying artists of varying generations to the forefront in performance; flies in the face of ageism; and encourages viewers, particularly older female audience members, to see themselves reflected in performance. *Ghost Women begins at 7:45pm, September 13-16, 2018.