Brooklyn Academy of Music announces 2021 fall roster from international artists

Brooklyn Academy of Music announces 2021 fall roster from international artists

Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) has announced four live performing arts events from international artists at its BAM Fisher location, slated for this fall. Beginning mid-September and running through early November, the productions include an opera, a music show, a theater performance and a dance recital.

“BAM’s fall season brings some of the most singular artists on the planet to New York, inviting us to rediscover the wild transformations that can take place inside a theater,” the Brooklyn art hub states on its website. “As we look ahead to a full year of adventurous art across our stages and cinemas, we’re off to an exhilarating start.”

“Sun & Sea,” photo by Andrej Vasilenko. Courtesy Brooklyn Academy of Music.

The opera kicks off the event line-up — a staging centered on climate change that quite literally brings summer beach days into BAM. “Sun & Sea,” which was first presented in 2017 at the Lithuanian National Gallery of Art and again in 2019 at the Venice Biennale where it won a Golden Lion, makes its American debut Sept. 15 through Sept. 26.

Created by a team of Lithuanian women artists including Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė, Vaiva Grainytė and Lina Lapelytė, “Sun & Sea” at BAM sees 13 vocalists atop a sandy beach as they sing of the daunting impacts of climate change. Audience members will stand in a balcony overlooking the Fishman Space to watch the performance and are encouraged to move around amidst the production.

“100 Keyboards,” photo by Ritsuko Sakata. Courtesy Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Following the award-winning opera, experimental Japanese sound artist ASUNA brings his sonic work “100 Keyboards” to BAM Sept. 30 to Oct. 2. The artist, who has been performing the piece for years, plays seemingly disparate sounds on — you guessed it — 100 keyboards. Note by note, the acoustics build within the small space, where audiences may walk around to become fully immersed in the frequencies and reverberations of the piece from every angle.

“By Heart,” photo by Magda Bizarro. Courtesy Brooklyn Academy of Music.

On Oct. 5 through Oct. 17, “By Heart,” written and performed by Portuguese artist Tiago Rodrigues, is described as a “poetic experiment” by BAM. Ten members of the audience are invited onstage to memorize a Shakespearean sonnet. As the task unfolds, Rodrigues ties in personal stories and texts from literary giants like Ray Bradbury and Boris Pasternak. In the end, critic George Steiner’s quote, “When ten people know a poem by heart there is nothing the KGB, the CIA or the Gestapo can do about it,” rings true.

“Cria,” photo by Renato Mangolin. Courtesy Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Finally, closing the fall line-up is “Cria” Nov. 2 to Nov. 6. From Brazilian choreographer Alice Ripoll, the dance number sees movements from dancinha — a mix of funk, samba and breakdance — alongside passinho, a dance-style popularized in the favela culture of Rio de Janeiro. Performers include the 10-person group Cia Suave, an all-Black cis and trans company.

BAM claims its dedication to safety precautions amidst the continued COVID-19 pandemic. Upon arrival, guests will be subject to a verbal questionnaire and a temperature check. Live events are created with social distancing precautions in mind, and face coverings are required.

Find tickets and more information on BAM’s website.

Top Image: Courtesy of Brooklyn Academy of Music. "Sun & Sea," photo by Andrej Vasilenko.