A brief guide to the art shows and films to watch on ALL ARTS this July

A brief guide to the art shows and films to watch on ALL ARTS this July

What to stay tuned for on ALL ARTS this month

Welcome to July. If you’re on the hunt for a new art film to watch, we have some suggestions. Below is a sampling of what’s on the lineup for the ALL ARTS broadcast and streaming platforms this month. This page will be updated as programs become available on the site.

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Happy watching!

July 4

Contemplations From National Sawdust: Beginnings

Take a deep dive into the beginnings of National Sawdust and the creative impulses that were on display during their October 2015 opening night. This episode of “Contemplations From National Sawdust” features music from composer-performers Philip Glass, Nico Muhly, Chris Thile and more.

[Debuts on the ALL ARTS broadcast channel July 4 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern]

July 6

The Neutral Ground

“The Neutral Ground” documents New Orleans’ fight over monuments and America’s troubled romance with the Lost Cause. In 2015, director CJ Hunt was filming the New Orleans City Council’s vote to remove four confederate monuments. But when that removal is halted by death threats, CJ sets out to understand why a losing army from 1865 still holds so much power in America. Presented by POV.

The Latino Experience

In a three-hour presentation of nonfiction and fiction short films, “The Latino Experience” explores a broad collection of experiences, perspectives and points of view to highlight the diversity of the Latino/a/x community and to illuminate the vibrancy of the United States and Puerto Rico.

July 7

Resonant Bodies: Kate Soper

Kate Soper is a composer, performer, and writer. In this episode of “Resonant Bodies,” Soper presents “Musical Dialogues” — featuring her longtime collaborator and Wet Ink ensemble member Sam Pluta (electronics) in exploratory improvisations — and her new piece for voice and piano “Fragments of Parmenides.”

[Debuts on the ALL ARTS broadcast channel July 7 at 8 p.m. Eastern]

July 9

Gloria Estefan: Sangre Yoruba

Gloria Estefan journeys through three of Brazil’s most influential cities: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Salvador. As narrator and host, Estefan discusses the history of Samba and its many variations. Featuring regional celebrities like Maria Rita, Carlinhos Brown and Jorge Arãgo, the documentary looks at the African origins of Brazilian music and specific sites that have inspired artists. Presented by Great Performances.

July 11

Contemplations From National Sawdust: Origins

“Origins” takes audiences back to National Sawdust’s third season, when the organization set out to explore the influences, experiences and cultures that make up contemporary composition. The episode features performances by Du Yun, Tanya Tagaq, Abraham Brody, JOJO ABOT and Bishi.

[Debuts on the ALL ARTS broadcast channel July 11 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern]

July 14

Resonant Bodies: Ted Hearne

Ted Hearne presents a new song cycle set to Dorothea Lasky’s poetry collection “AWE.” Hearne leads on vocals and is joined by cellist Ashley Bathgate, keyboardist Nathan Koci, guitarist Taylor Levine, violist Diana Wade and drummer Ron Wiltrout.

[Debuts on the ALL ARTS broadcast channel July 14 at 8 p.m. Eastern]

July 16

Icon: Music Through the Lens – On Camera

What makes an image iconic? This question provides the central theme for the first episode of the series “Icon: Music Through the Lens” as audiences are introduced to some of music photography’s greatest names.

[Debuts on the ALL ARTS broadcast channel July 23 at 9 p.m. Eastern]

Roots of Latin Jazz

Grammy nominee Sheila E. hosts Great Performances’ “Roots of Latin Jazz,” which examines the variety of Latin American music with the “Raíces Jazz Orchestra,” featuring two-time Latin Grammy-winning producer Tony Succar and musician, producer and educator Dr. Pablo Gil.

[Debuts on the ALL ARTS broadcast channel July 28 at 10 p.m. Eastern]

July 18

Contemplations From National Sawdust: Today’s Lens

Featuring works by some of the leading artists within the National Sawdust world, this episode looks at the organization’s ongoing engagement with issues of race, class, age, gender, ethnicity and human rights. The presentation features performances by Helga Dcoavis and Daniel Bernard Roumain.

[Debuts on the ALL ARTS broadcast channel July 18 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern]

July 21

Resonant Bodies: Stephanie Blythe is Blythely Oratonio

Opera singer Stephanie Blythe brings to the stage her drag persona and alter ego Blythely Oratonio — a bombastic yet vulnerable dramatic tenor who revels in Puccini, Freddie Mercury and everything in between — in a musical mash-up of disco, rock and opera.

[Debuts on the ALL ARTS broadcast channel July 21 at 8 p.m. Eastern]

July 23

Icon: Music Through the Lens – On the Road

From the embryonic days of the modern music industry, live music photography has provided some of its most visually striking and era-defining imagery. First-hand recollections and eye-opening stories from those early trailblazers, and those still devoted to capturing the magic of live music, paint a vivid picture of life on the tour bus and in the photo pit.

[Debuts on the ALL ARTS broadcast channel July 30 at 9 p.m. Eastern]

July 25

Contemplations From National Sawdust: Leading Voices

“Leading Voices” spotlights the contemporary music giants that are a part of National Sawdust. The episode features interviews and music from Tania León, George Crumb, Terry Riley and the Choir of Trinity Wall Street, and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

[Debuts on the ALL ARTS broadcast channel July 25 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern]

July 27

The Set List: Raga Maqam – Amir El Saffar and Brooklyn Raga Massive

Raga Maqam is an exploration of the shared threads of Iraqi maqam and Indian raga. Composed by Amir ElSaffar in conjunction with Brooklyn Raga Massive, the 15-person ensemble features artists hailing from around the world.

[Debuts on the ALL ARTS broadcast channel July 27 at 7 p.m. Eastern]

Buddy Guy: The Blues Chase the Blues Away

Dive into the career of the legendary blues guitarist, a pioneer of Chicago’s West Side sound and major influence on rock titans like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton: Buddy Guy. The American Masters presentation features new performances and interviews with Carlos Santana and more.

July 28

Resonant Bodies: Arooj Aftab

Following their success at Joe’s Pub and the Kitchen, the talented trio of Arooj Aftab, Vijay Iyer and Shahzad Ismaily expand their work into an improvised musical journey that blends jazz, indie rock and Sufi minimalism.

[Debuts on the ALL ARTS broadcast channel July 28 at 8 p.m. Eastern]

July 30

The Abandon

The “Afrofuturism: Blackness Revisualized” festival continues with the short film “The Abandon,” starring Sterling K. Brown. When five friends go on an annual hiking trip, things take a surprising turn after they learn a global event has changed the world. Now they must navigate interpersonal dramas and their own survival.

[Debuts on the ALL ARTS broadcast channel July 30 at 10 p.m. Eastern]

Icon: Music Through the Lens – On the Record

The evolution of record sleeve photography from its roots in jazz and early rock ‘n’ roll through to the highly stylized concepts and imagery of modern-day music genres is discussed by art directors, musicians and, of course, the music photographers responsible for some of the world’s most iconic album covers.

Top Image: Jimi Hendrix by Baron Wolman. Image for "Icon: Music Trhough the Lens."