5 Free Events: ‘Remembering Greenwood,’ ‘Sensory Storytelling’ and more

5 Free Events: ‘Remembering Greenwood,’ ‘Sensory Storytelling’ and more

Looking for something to do this week? Here is a selection of free performances and presentations taking place in New York City and beyond. Find this week’s top picks below.


Live with Carnegie Hall: “Remembering Greenwood”
When: June 3; 7:30 p.m.
Host: Carnegie Hall
Carnegie Hall will commemorate the centennial of the Tulsa Race Massacre with a special edition of Derrick “D-Nice” Jones’ “Club Quarantine.” D-Nice will be joined by Valeisha Butterfield Jones (the Recording Academy’s first-ever chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer) and artists from Tulsa for a program that explores how music and the arts can help heal and rebuild communities.


“Comedy Crossing”
When: June 4; 7 p.m.
Host: Jenny Yang
Do you love “Animal Crossing” and stand-up comedy? “Comedy Crossing” is a unique comedy show performed entirely by the host of cuddly characters found inside the popular game. This event is for people over the age of 18. Though the performance takes place within the game, you do not have to know how to play “Animal Crossing” to watch.

“The Kill One Race”: Episodes One and Two
When: June 4; 7 p.m.
Host: Playwrights Horizons and the feath3r theory
Experience an innovative theater production inspired by the 1963 dystopian novel “Kill One.” Filmed entirely during the COVID-19 pandemic, the feath3er theory’s “The Kill One Race” is a dizzying blend of documentary filmmaking, theater and reality game show. It features a unique competition in which seven contestants have seven days to complete a variety of social and ethical obstacles until one is crowned the most ethical and can earn the prize of death.


Art and Learning: “Sensory Storytelling”
When: June 5; 10 a.m.
Host: Carlow University Education Department
Learn about the emerging field of immersive art through “Sensory Storytelling.” This workshop — led by Leigh Roche and Sarah Zeffiro — will explore the use of technology in creating sensory works of art. Participants will discuss works by EsDelin, Yayoi Kusama and TeamLab. The session will also acquaint attendees with Canva.


Spring Fest 2021
When: June 6; 1 p.m.
Host: Society of Scribes
Society of Scribes is a local non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing calligraphy as a fine art. Spring Fest 2021 brings a diverse array of calligraphers together for a day of workshops and classes. The featured calligraphers hail from a variety of countries and offer classes ranging from traditional calligraphy to computer-aided artistry. This event will include presentations by Barbara Wolff, Ying Chang, Eduardo Aire Torres, Gina Jonas, Massimo Polello, Heather Held, Judy Detrick, Kisyuu, Izzy Pludwinski, Marina Soria, Riccardo Ali, Tamer Ghoneim, Gui Menga, Veronica Cruz and other artists. Register early to receive event details like useful materials lists and video links.

Top Image: Image: Carlow University Education Department.