Dolly Parton, Jordin Sparks collaborate on ‘Pink’ song by Victoria Shaw

Dolly Parton, Jordin Sparks collaborate on ‘Pink’ song by Victoria Shaw
Thumbnail for the song "Pink," by Victoria Shaw.

Dolly Parton, Monica, Jordin Sparks, Sara Evans and Rita Wilson have teamed up on the song “Pink” to raise awareness around breast cancer.

Released on Oct. 22, the song benefits the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation and was co-written by Erin Kinsey, Jodi Marr and Victoria Shaw — host of the ALL ARTS series “Songwriters Under the Covers with Victoria Shaw” and producer of “Pink.”

“Breast cancer is a leading cause of death among African American women,” Monica said in a statement. “My goal is to change that.”

Wilson, who shared her breast cancer diagnosis with the public in 2015, said that the song applies to all who have been affected by the health issue.

“The song is not just for someone who is a survivor or going through breast cancer treatment,” she said. “It is for anyone who loves someone who has been impacted by breast cancer.”

Parton, who made headlines this week for her donation to Vanderbilt University’s coronavirus research efforts, referred to the track as a “song of hope.”

Watch the video above to hear the song, and be sure to check out “Songwriters Under the Covers with Victoria Shaw,” which debuts a special holiday episode on ALL ARTS Dec. 2.

Top Image: Thumbnail for the song "Pink," produced and co-written by Victoria Shaw.