N. K. Jemisin speaks with Ballerina Book Club about ‘The City We Became’

N. K. Jemisin speaks with Ballerina Book Club about ‘The City We Became’

N. K. Jemisin discusses her latest novel, “The City We Became,” with Ballerina Book Club host Isabella Boylston

N. K. Jemisin’s “The City We Became” laid its foundation in the 2016 short story “The City Born Great.” A bedrock-shaking and bridge-pummeling tale of New York City literally brought to life, the novel centers on the plight of six avatars who must come together to fight off a sinister force working to stamp out the rising city. Set in present-day, Jemisin’s finely rendered fiction faces real-life issues plaguing communities, with gentrification, police brutality and white supremacy taking on monstrous forms.

The first entry into her new Great Cities series, the book is the latest from Jemisin, who made history with her otherworldly, three-time Hugo Award-winning Broken Earth trilogy. It is also this month’s Ballerina Book Club pick. (We hope you’ve been keeping up with the reading!)

Host (and major Broken Earth trilogy fan) Isabella Boylston spoke with the beloved sci-fi author about the genesis of the novel, worldbuilding, representation, writer pay disparity (#PublishingPaidMe), gentrification and the eventual cephalopod overlord takeover.

Watch the interview above!

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Top Image: Portrait of N. K. Jemisin. Photo: Laura Hanifin.