Finding inspiration at home with the help of Lincoln Center

Finding inspiration at home with the help of Lincoln Center
Lincoln Center fountain. Photo: Jon Ortner.

With many New Yorkers sheltered at home, Lincoln Center is expanding its digital offerings and bringing attention to how our domestic spaces can foster inspiration and creativity.

To do so, the performing arts hub launched “Lincoln Center at Home,” a new series of classes, concerts and performance videos. Created to “maintain vital connections during the COVID-19 pandemic,” a large portion of Lincoln Center’s digital programming aims to help families and children stay active and entertained while self-isolating. The family-focused efforts are divided into two distinct series: “Lincoln Center Pop-Up Classroom” and “#ConcertsForKids.”

“We’re excited to share ‘Lincoln Center at Home,’ which we hope will help bolster the tremendous work being done by parents and educators right now to help kids keep learning,” Henry Timms, president of Lincoln Center, said. “From the pop-up classroom that our teaching artists and education colleagues will broadcast each day, to live, ‘homemade’ performances by some of our family of artists, to our trove of legendary performance footage across Lincoln Center’s many institutions, we hope ‘Lincoln Center at Home’ will provide families across the country with creative solutions to the difficult moments that we’re all experiencing together.”

The “Pop-Up Classroom” series will go live on Facebook each weekday at 10 a.m. and will be led by artists and educators. On Thursday, dancer and Lincoln Center Artist Educator Deborah Lohse will teach a class that prompts participants to engage with their spaces through activities like mapping out the number of steps that can fill a room and taking stock of the “shapes and textures that live alongside us every day.” Other offerings include how to create woven works of art and how to write a song.

Deborah Lohse, who will present a dance class as part of "Lincoln Center at Home."
Deborah Lohse, who will present a dance class as part of “Lincoln Center at Home,” shows off her home studio.

The institution’s children’s concert program will feature performances from musician’s homes, with Elena Moon Park, Zeshan B, The Pop Ups and Sonia De Los Santos scheduled for the program’s first set of events.

The organization will also pull from recent performances around campus, its “Live From Lincoln Center” archives and upcoming livestreams to present a trove of videos. Brooklyn Raga Massive kicked off the series Tuesday with a performance from Lincoln Center’s “Offstage” series. Recordings from the Chamber Music Society and Joan Soriano are set to continue the programming through this week.

Those looking for even more soothing tunes are also in luck. Jazz at Lincoln Center curated a concert of three videos drawn from their vault. The outfit will continue to present performances each week under the series “Jazz at Home.”

A calendar detailing all of the “Lincoln Center at Home” listings can be found here.

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