A note from your friends at ALL ARTS

A note from your friends at ALL ARTS

When we set out a little more than a year ago to create a platform β€” a broadcast channel, a website, an app β€” to celebrate artists and artistic expression, we could not have imagined a world where we could not experience the arts in a live setting. In fact, our whole reason-to-be was to supplement live performance in a way that made it exist beyond the stage, the screen, the gallery, etc.

Here we are. An unprecedented time when the only access to the arts is what you can see on a screen, in your homes. This has made the creation of ALL ARTS that much more meaningful to be able to present the arts and the artists who enrich all of our lives β€” and share it with you at a time when it’s so needed.

All of us here at ALL ARTS are working to bring you the arts as best as possible during this crisis. To that end, we’ve expanded our communication to include a regular email digest of arts and culture you can stream online for free. If you aren’t already on our list, you can subscribe here. At the same time, we are determined to look forward to a bright future. The arts help us to do that.

Stay safe and healthy,

Diane Masciale
Executive in Charge, ALL ARTS