Fans start campaign to save “Beetlejuice” amid Broadway hit’s looming eviction

Fans start campaign to save “Beetlejuice” amid Broadway hit’s looming eviction

The Broadway production of “Beetlejuice,” which survived a troubled start and recently broke records for the Winter Garden Theatre, needs to find a new home, and fans are starting a grassroots effort to help find it one.

A petition began circulating on social media Tuesday, one day after The New York Times reported that the ghostly production would be ousted from the Winter Garden in June to make room for a revival of “The Music Man,” starring Hugh Jackman and produced by Broadway heavyweight Scott Rudin. The petition urges the Shubert Organization — the largest landlord on Broadway — to let the show continue or help its producers secure a new venue.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the petition racked up more than 1,000 signatures, benefiting from a signal boost on the official “Beetlejuice” Twitter account.

Despite the outcry on social media around the looming closure, the future of the show remains unclear. It’s entirely possible that the production could find a new home before June 6, although the intricate set design, seen in the”Broadway Sandwich” episode below, would make for an expensive move. The Shubert Organization has said it would consider moving the show if an “appropriate theater” becomes available.

Nevertheless, the official “Beetlejuice” accounts have been advertising a new block of tickets as a “final” opportunity to see the underdog hit, which was written by Scott Brown, Anthony King and Eddie Perfect.

“Don’t freak out,” Alex Brightman, who plays the eponymous character, tells viewers in a promo released Monday. “It’s still my house for the next six months.”

Meanwhile, cast members and fans took to their own accounts to vent their frustrations about the ordeal. Brightman issued several statements, including one in which he urged fans to stay positive on social media and refrain from denigrating other shows, and another in which he said he was “sincerely touched” by the outpouring of support from fans.

“Broadway is fun,” Brightman wrote.”But, just like everything on this planet, it is also finite. So let’s be glad we got to be alive to make this show about death.”

Leslie Kritzer, who plays Delia in “Beetlejuice,” made a similar call for civility on her Instagram account.

“I will not bad mouth anything ‘Music Man’ related because every show has a right to run,” she wrote. “We have friends in ‘The Music Man.’ Those friends have jobs as well as their creative team and crew.”

Kritzer later added, “It’s our fans and supporters who dictate if we can have a life after this … The market wants both shows to run, so let’s try and do that.”