“Beetlejuice” actor Rob McClure on the fallacy of “making it” on Broadway

“Beetlejuice” actor Rob McClure on the fallacy of “making it” on Broadway

Rob McClure from "Beetlejuice"

As Beetlejuice would say, it’s showtime! Rob McClure takes you on a backstage tour of the Beetlejuice The Musical set AND his dressing room in the latest #BroadwaySandwich!

Posted by ALL ARTS on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Success didn’t come quick or easy for Rob McClure. In the latest episode of “Broadway Sandwich,” the “Beetlejuice” actor recalled spending years glued to the phone, hoping for just one callback.

“I auditioned for years, and didn’t get a single one,” he explained. “Not one. Not just didn’t get the part — I didn’t even get a callback! For years!”

As theater fans know, his unlucky streak didn’t last forever. McClure has played leading and supporting roles on Broadway since 2002, earning a Tony Award nomination for his performance in “Chaplin,” among other accolades and star turns. In the process, he’s learned that his original conception of “making it” in theater may have been a bit off the mark.

“You do not ‘make it,'” he said. “You just keep chasing.”

Watch “Broadway Sandwich” to hear more about McClure’s lengthy career and take a tour of the star’s “Beetlejuice” dressing room to see some of his most prized pieces of memorabilia. Now streaming in the video above!

Top Image: Rob McClure in Broadway Sandwich.