What to Stream for Free This Week: Twyla Tharp, Regina Resnik and More

What to Stream for Free This Week: Twyla Tharp, Regina Resnik and More

The ALL ARTS broadcast channel and streaming app have plenty of arts-related shows and films to choose from — including original productions and archival content. Here’s a roundup of standout programs available to watch this week online, or on the ALL ARTS app on Roku and anywhere else you stream.

ALL ARTS Vault Selects: “Regina Resnik: New York Original”

Considered one of the greatest Carmens of all time, Bronx-born opera star Regina Resnik is the subject of this ALL ARTS Vault Selects episode, which includes interviews with notable musicians and archival footage of the legendary singer.

The Set List: Jazze Belle at BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn!

This week’s episode of The Set List features the multi-layered and soulful music of Taylor Simone and Jett Carter, who perform together under the name of Jazze Belle.

ALL ARTS Documentary Selects: “An Art That Nature Makes”

This ALL ARTS Documentary Selects film traces the unique process of photographer Rosamond Purcell, whose work portrays the unexpected beauty in discarded and decaying objects. An illuminating portrait of an artist fascinated with the world around her, the documentary (directed by Molly Bernstein) follows Purcell as she visits Owls Head (a sprawling scrapyard that spanned 13 acres) to scavenge for oddities. The film also includes interviews with luminaries such as Errol Morris.

NYC-ARTS Profile: Twyla Tharp

American Ballet Theatre’s spring season at the Metropolitan Opera House features a trio of works by Twyla Tharp. NYC-ARTS spoke to Tharp and ABT company members about the acclaimed choreographer’s energetic approach to movement, her artistic legacy and working with the dancers of ABT.

Berlin Live: Crystal Fighters

In this episode of Berlin Live, Crystal Fighters — an electronic music band made up of musicians from England, the United States and Spain — take the stage for a performance packed with wild, unhinged energy that transcends musical genres and history.

Top Image: Still from ALL ARTS Vault Selects: "Regina Resnik: New York Original."