5 Shows to Stream for Free This Week: “Prinze The One-Man Show,” Blondie and More

5 Shows to Stream for Free This Week: “Prinze The One-Man Show,” Blondie and More

The ALL ARTS broadcast channel and streaming app have plenty of arts-related shows and films to choose from — including original productions and archival content. Here’s a roundup of standout programs available to watch this week online, or on the ALL ARTS app on Roku and anywhere else you stream.

House Seats: Prinze The One-Man Show
Jose Sonera tells the story of the 1970s comedian Freddie Prinze, who quickly rose to fame and whose life ended too soon, in his one-man show, “Prinze.”

ALL ARTS Performance Selects: Mefistofele
Arrigo Boito is best known as the librettist of two Verdi operas, but he wrote and composed one opera himself: “Mefistofele.” It’s based on Gothe’s “Faust” and wasn’t successful during its first run. Verdi even allegedly said that Boito “aspires to originality but succeeds only at being strange.” This larger-than-life production embraced the strangeness and won over critics and audiences alike.

Berlin Live: Blondie
Punk and new wave pioneer Blondie, who came to prominence in the 1970s on the downtown New York music scene, is known for their eclectic blend of disco, pop, reggae and early rap. They released their 11th album in 2017 and have sold more than 40 million records worldwide.

Borgen: 100 Days
In episode 4 of the acclaimed Danish political drama, journalist Katrine Fønsmark gets the scoop of her life when an anonymous source contacts her with important security policy information. The pressure is on Birgitte Nyborg to resolve the case, but she decides to go her own way. Katrine finds herself in intense situations and runs into problems with her boss, but in the middle of the turmoil, help appears from an unexpected source.

Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask
Born in Martinique in 1925, Frantz Fanon contributed much to the history of ideas over the course of his short life, and this documentary tells his story. He was a writer and revolutionary whose seminal work addresses the psychology of colonialism. Though he died of leukemia in 1961, he had a lasting impact on postcolonial studies and revolutionaries like Malcolm X and Che Guevara.

Top Image: Jose Sonera in "Prinze The One Man Show"