5 Shows to Stream for Free This Week: Imani Uzuri at BRIC JazzFest, “Borgen” and More

5 Shows to Stream for Free This Week: Imani Uzuri at BRIC JazzFest, “Borgen” and More

The ALL ARTS broadcast channel and streaming app have plenty of arts-related shows and films to choose from — including original productions and archival content. Here’s a roundup of standout programs available to watch this week online, on your Roku or smart TV, or on your mobile device.

The Set List: Imani Uzuri — Wild Cotton at BRIC JazzFest
In this episode of “The Set List” we experience and learn about “Wild Cotton” vocalist, composer and cultural worker Imani Uzuri’s improvisational conceptual project exploring the undocumented soundscapes of enslaved Black American ancestors.

Borgen: Decency in the Middle
The first episode of “Borgen” shows the last-minute chaos leading up to the Danish national election. Birgitte Nyborg, facing her first election as party leader, decides to head in her own direction — the question is whether the voters will reward her for it. Meanwhile, her media advisor Kasper Juul and journalist Katrine Fønsmark are thrown off track by her choice.

ALL ARTS Performance Selects: Maazel Conducts “The Ring Without Words”
Lorin Maazel condensed 17 hours of Wagner opera into a 90-minute show in his 1987 arrangement of “The Ring Without Words,” and he reprised it in 2001 with the Berliner Philharmoniker. The score incorporates elements of all four of the original operas, including in the transitions, but it inherently raises questions about the artistic integrity and cohesion of such a shortened piece.

“Call the Midwife”
Join Nonnatus House in welcoming two new nuns in the season 8 premiere of “Call the Midwife.” Valerie deals with an unexpected and shocking case. The other midwives must handle a complicated multiple birth.

Berlin Live: Blues Pills
Blues Pills is a rock group based in Sweden but made up of musicians who came together while touring throughout Europe. They released their first record in 2014, which reached number four on the German charts that year. Enjoy their distinct bluesy rock sound in this performance at SchwuZ club Berlin.