5 Shows to Stream for Free This Week: “Animal Wisdom,” Complaints Choir and More

5 Shows to Stream for Free This Week: “Animal Wisdom,” Complaints Choir and More

The ALL ARTS broadcast channel and streaming app have plenty of arts-related shows and films to choose from — including original productions and archival content. Here’s a roundup of standout programs available to watch this week online, on your Roku or smart TV, or on your mobile device.

House Seats: “Animal Wisdom”
Experience Heather Christian’s concert-cabaret, “Animal Wisdom.” Filmed at The Bushwick Starr, Christian and company bring you “an improvised musical séance” about family mythology, folk tales passed down through generations and talking to the dead. This “requiem mass” is grounded in blues and Methodist hymns and features powerhouse vocals. The show includes an interview with Christian.

ALL ARTS Documentary Selects: “Complaints Choir”
Married Finnish artists Tellervo and Oliver Kalleinen travel around the world forming choirs of singers who write and perform a song about their complaints. “Complaints Choir” follows the project in Chicago and in Singapore, whose government has limited freedom of expression. It asks what purpose complaining serves, especially in a society where citizens aren’t allowed to do so publicly.

“Julius Caesar from Donmar”
Set in a women’s prison, Great Performances’ “Julius Caesar” offers a powerful dramatization of the catastrophic consequences of a political leader’s extension of power beyond constitutional confines through an all-female lens. Read an interview with the show’s director, Phyllida Lloyd, here.

ALL ARTS Documentary Selects: “Behind Borgen”
In “Behind Borgen” the producers, writers and actors show you around the sets of the acclaimed Danish political drama “Borgen,” which begins streaming March 4 on ALL ARTS. They explain the process of translating real political issues and scandals into quality fictional television.

Berlin Live: LP
American singer Laura Pergolizzi, who plays under the stage name LP, performs at SchwuZ club in Berlin. She’s written for some of the biggest names in music: Rihanna, Cher, Christina Aguilera and the Backstreet Boys. In this set, she shows her soulful musicianship and proves her own vocal chops.

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Top Image: Heather Christian performing "Animal Wisdom" at The Bushwick Starr.