WATCH: Broadway Star Jessica Vosk Gets Painted Green To Play Elphaba in “Wicked”

WATCH: Broadway Star Jessica Vosk Gets Painted Green To Play Elphaba in “Wicked”

"Wicked" Star Jessica Vosk Goes Green for Elphaba

It ain't easy being green! In this sneak peek, watch Broadway Star Jessica Vosk get in character for her role as Elphaba in WICKED The Musical:

Posted by Broadway Sandwich on Monday, October 1, 2018


Actress Jessica Vosk spends a considerable amount of time painted green.

At least twice a day, the New Jersey native, who plays Elphaba in the Broadway musical “Wicked,” sits dutifully in a makeup chair, doing vocal warm ups while artists transform her fair skin into The Wicked Witch of the West’s famous jade complexion. She’s been playing the lead role on Broadway since July; before that, she played the Elphaba during the show’s 2016-2017 national tour.

“After you’ve had this makeup on so many times, you’re just OK with it,” Vosk explained. “I went on vacation during tour to a beach, and there was still green in my ears by the end of that vacation. I leave the show, it’s still on my hands. It’s just in cracks and crevices.”

The elaborate process takes only 20 minutes to complete, but quite a bit longer to take off. Her go-to remedy is coconut oil — but even then, a sickly tint sometimes remains.

“I go outside through the stage door [after a show], and everyone knows it’s me,” Vosk joked. “They’re like, ‘She looks slightly sick! She must be Elphaba.’”

Vosk allowed cameras into the makeup room to document the greening process for “Broadway Sandwich,” a new show from ALL ARTS that follows Broadway stars during their breaks between afternoon and evening performances.

As part of the show, Vosk opened up about her winding career path, which, though not made of yellow brick, did take her from Wall Street to Broadway. She also discussed her album, “Wild and Free,” and dished on playing one of Broadway’s most beloved characters.

“It’s a dream,” she said.

Watch Vosk get into character for the iconic role above, and catch the premiere episode of “Broadway Sandwich” when it debuts Oct. 3 on Facebook Watch.

Top Image: Courtesy of Broadway Sandwich