From Wall Street to “Wicked”: Jessica Vosk Opens Up About Leaving an Anxiety-Filled Desk Job

From Wall Street to “Wicked”: Jessica Vosk Opens Up About Leaving an Anxiety-Filled Desk Job

Episode 5: "Wicked " star Jessica Vosk

We're not on Wall Street anymore, Toto! In Episode 5, WICKED The Musical star Jessica Vosk reflects on ditching her anxiety-filled desk job and fills us in on Elphaba's elaborate makeup routine.

Posted by Broadway Sandwich on Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Actress and singer Jessica Vosk opened up about leaving her high-stress job to pursue her Broadway ambitions in the latest episode of ALL ARTS digital series “Broadway Sandwich.”

Vosk, who plays Elphaba in “Wicked,” had always been involved in theater while growing up in New Jersey, but during college she took a more traditional route and majored in communications and investor relations. That led to a job on Wall Street, where Vosk said she constantly felt stressed out and unhappy. On Monday evenings, she would find solace performing at a local stand-up club.

“I didn’t love it. I started to get anxiety, which I had never had in my life before,” she explained to show host and fellow Broadway alumnus Garen Scribner. When the recession hit, Vosk knew she had enough.

“I think I marched into the HR office, which is so not cool to do, and I think I said ‘hey you guys, I heard they’re making cuts in the company and if you want to make that myself, you can,” Vosk recalled.

Eventually, singing in clubs paid off. Vosk got an unexpected e-mail from Broadway legend Paul Gemignani, which led to her big break. Watch above to hear Vosk explain the rest of her journey, and take a peek inside the “Wicked” costume closet later in the episode.

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Top Image: Courtesy of Wicked