“Mean Girls” star Kate Rockwell on her 4-year break from Broadway and why she won’t wear pink

“Mean Girls” star Kate Rockwell on her 4-year break from Broadway and why she won’t wear pink

Actress Kate Rockwell opened up about returning to Broadway during an exclusive interview on ALL ARTS’ Facebook Watch show “Broadway Sandwich,” telling host Garen Scribner that she was desperate to snag a role in “Mean Girls” soon after she heard rumors about its production.

“I remember saying to my friend Sheldon that I would Tonya Harding people to get this job,” the actress, who plays ditzy Karen Smith in the Tina Fey-penned musical, joked. “It was an absolute dream.”

The part marks the first time Rockwell has been on a Broadway stage since she left “Rock of Ages” in 2014. She previously appeared in “Bring It On” in 2012 and had a star turn in 2007’s “Legally Blonde,” both of which completed Broadway runs.

“It’s been a really long time,” Rockwell said. “That’s what it is. People think that, like, once you’re on you just go, go, go from show to show, but that’s not always the case. Especially if you can’t dance.”

As a result, she said was moved to tears when the hot pink “Mean Girls” marquee went up at the August Wilson Theatre. It depicts her alongside costars and fellow “plastics” Taylor Louderman and Ashley Park, whom the star describes as “family.”

“Being on Broadway is one thing,” Rockwell said. “Being on a marquee is another. It’s really overwhelming. The day they told us the marquee was going up, [the cast and I] rounded the corner, we had all our cameras out and we were taking pictures. I immediately started to cry.”

Rockwell also gave “Broadway Sandwich” a tour of her dressing room and costume closet, admitting that she had a cardinal rule when it came to her dressing room: absolutely no pink.

“I’m grateful for anything that isn’t pink these days,” she said.

The full episode of “Broadway Sandwich” featuring Rockwell (fittingly) debuts on Wednesday, October 3. Check out the show page here.

Top Image: Courtesy of Broadway Sandwich