Social Media of the Week: Fat Cat Art

Social Media of the Week: Fat Cat Art

This week’s selection: Instagram account @FatCatArt, which features a rotund orange tabby cat inserted into master paintings. The account was created by artist and cat owner Svetlana Petrova.

Why we love it: Despite her love of historical art, Petrova never takes the account — or the works she’s parodying — too seriously. Plus, the cat, named Zarathustra, loves to pose. “Sometimes I am inspired by his poses, so coquettish or so dramatic that some old paintings come to mind automatically,” Petrova told ALL ARTS. “He is a natural born artist and he knows he is making art.”

Backstory: Petrova inherited Zarathustra in 2008 after the death of her mother. “I was so close to my mother, and miss her so much,” she told ALL ARTS. “After her death I fell into a hard depression, and I was unable to make something creative for about two years. And it was Zarathustra who saved me. Zarathustra was and is a living memory of my mother.”

Head over to the account to see pictures and more here.

Top Image: Courtesy of @FatCatArt