Metrograph Celebrates Icarus Films with a 56-Film Retrospective

Metrograph Celebrates Icarus Films with a 56-Film Retrospective

UPDATE: Metrograph announced the dates of all films screening in its “Icarus Films at 40” retrospective, which runs Sept. 14-30. A complete list of dates can be found here.

To mark Icarus Films‘s 40th anniversary, Metrograph announced on Wednesday that it will present an expansive 56-film retrospective from the distribution company’s catalogue. Since its inception in 1978, Icarus Films has presented a collection of landmark, independent documentary films from influential filmmakers like Chantal Akerman, Chris Marker, John Akomfrah, Nikolaus Geyrhalter and Lynne Sachs. The program will open September 14, adding to an already exciting lineup planned for Metrograph this fall, which includes the much-anticipated Dario Argento retrospective.

Here’s a full list of films included in the retrospective:

Chantal Akerman, 1999

“From the Other Side”
Chantal Akerman, 2002

“From the East”
Chantal Akerman, 1993

Still from “From the East.” Photo courtesy of Icarus Films.

“The Nine Muses”
John Akomfrah, 2010

“Integration Report 1”
Madeline Anderson, 1960

“I Am Somebody”
Madeline Anderson, 1970

“The Ister”
David Barison and Daniel Ross, 2004

“Bitter Money”
Wang Bing, 2016

“Ben Barka: The Moroccan Equation”
Simone Bitton, 2002

“Matamata and Pilipili”
Tristan Bourland, 1996

“Let the Church Say Amen!”
St. Clair Bourne, 1973

“Drowning by Bullets”
Philip Brooks and Alan Hayling, 1992

“Kuxa Kanema: The Birth of Cinema”
Margarida Cardoso, 2003

“Pierre Bourdieu: Sociology Is a Martial Art”
Pierre Carles, 2001

“In the Name of the People”
Frank Christopher and Alex Drehsler, 1984

“Edward Said: The Last Interview”
Mike Dibb, 2004

“Last Grave at Dimbaza”
Chris Curling and Pascoe Macfarlane, 1974

“End of the Dialogue”
Antonia Caccia, Chris Curling, Simon Louvish, Nana Mahomo, Vus Make and Rakhetla Tsehlana, 1970

“Our Daily Bread”
Nikolaus Geyrhalter, 2005

“The Way Things Go”
Peter Fischli and David Weiss, 1987

Still from “The Way Things Go.” Photo courtesy of Icarus Films.

“Fundi: The Story of Ella Baker”
Joanne Grant, 1981

“Casting the First Stone”
Julie Gustafson, 1991

“The Battle of Chile, Parts I-III”
Patricio Guzmán, 1975 – 79

“Nostalgia for the Light”
Patricio Guzmán, 2010

“Devils Don’t Dream!”
Andreas Hoessli, 1995

Heddy Honigmann, 2006

“A Man Vanishes”
Shôhei Imamura, 1967

“Karayuki-San, The Making Of A Prostitute”
Shôhei Imamura, 1975

Liu Jiayin, 2005

“Time of the Locust”
Peter Gessner, 1966

“Finally Got the News”
Stewart Bird, Rene Lichtman and Peter Gessner, 1970

Peter Gessner and Robert Kramer, 1965

John Douglas and Robert Kramer, 1975

“Rocky Road to Dublin”
Peter Lennon, 1967

Original poster for “Rocky Road to Dublin.” Photo courtesy of Icarus Films.

“The Making of ‘Rocky Road to Dublin’”
Paul Duane, 2004

“Taking Back Detroit”
Stephen Lighthill, 1980

“Marcel Ophüls And Jean-Luc Godard: The Meeting in St. Gervais”
Frederic Choffat and Vincent Lowy, 2010

“The Patriot Game”
Arthur MacCaig, 1979

“The Jackets Green”
Arthur MacCaig, 1988

“Le Joli Mai”
Pierre Lhomme and Chris Marker, 1963

“A Grin without a Cat”
Chris Marker, 1977

“Remembrance of Things to Come”
Yannick Bellon and Chris Marker, 2001

“Mobutu, King of Zaire”
Thierry Michel, 1999

Bill Morrison, 2002

“Hotel Terminus”
Marcel Ophüls, 1988

“Chronicle of a Genocide Foretold”
Danièle Lacourse and Yvan Patry, 1996

“Profit and Nothing But!”
Raoul Peck, 2001

“Moi, Un Noir”
Jean Rouch, 1958

“The Human Pyramid”
Jean Rouch, 1961

“Investigation of a Flame”
Lynne Sachs, 2003

“Tosca’s Kiss”
Daniel Schmid, 1984

“Cul De Sac: A Suburban War Story”
Garrett Scott, 2002

“La Commune (Paris, 1871)”
Peter Watkins, 2000

“An Injury to One”
Travis Wilkerson, 2002

“People Power”
Ilan Ziv, 1989

“The Junction”
Ilan Ziv, 2003

“Far from Vietnam”
Jean-Luc Godard, Joris Ivens, William Klein, Claude Lelouch, Chris Marker and Alain Resnais, 1967

Still from “Far from Vietnam.” Photo courtesy of Icarus Films.

Top Image: Still from "The Nine Muses." Courtesy of Icarus Films.