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      Events like Railroad Days rely on local merchants, businesses, and the community for support. The State of Vermont and the City of St Albans have played a major role with financial and logistic help. Area businesses also support the arts because they care about the community they live in. They can continue their support because the community buys locally.
      Community groups have a special appreciation for the media here in Franklin County, Vermont. The Buyer's Digest, County Courier, St Albans Messenger, and Radio WWSR/WLFE go to extraordianary lengths to nurture and support activities like these.
      If you are just joining us now, you may notice a few "sponsor needed" images in the table below. In spite of exceptional community and business support, the All Arts Council lost money on this event. If you want to help us make up that deficit, please email us

State of Vermont
Department of Marketing and Tourism
DaimlerChrysler New England Central Railroad
City of St Albans Comfort Inn & Suites
Need Sponsor
Drummac, Inc
Northwestern Medical Center
Clarence Brown, Inc
S.B. Collins, Inc
R. L. Vallee/Ultramar
Need Sponsor Need Sponsor Need Sponsor

St Albans Area Chamber of Commerce

Franklin Lamoille Bank

All Arts Council

More To Come!

Under Construction Please drive slowly.

ArTrain Rides the Rails of Vermont

All Arts Council of Franklin County

Dick Harper, Chair
P.O. Box 1
Highgate Springs, VT 05460
email us

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