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VOLUME 4 * * All Arts News On the Web * * November 23, 2000


      ArtBits always features a calendar of the goings on of Franklin County artists. Check out these events around Franklin County. Each issue includes the entire text of our weekly newspaper column.

      Stop in for the AAC CoffeeHouses at 7 p.m. on the first and third Thursday of every month. These gatherings bring new opportunities, gossip, "show-and-tell" and workshops. We come together on the first Thursday for a booked musical performance and an art exhibit at Simple Pleasures in St Albans. On the third Thursday come to the Kept Writer in St Albans for acoustic Open Mike Night featuring music, readings, and more from the best new artists in Vermont.


      As we approach the most American of holidays, I talked with AAC board members, artists, and friends of the arts around Franklin County to discover what makes them thankful this season.
      Artist Alice Astleford is thankful for "the acceptance from the community for the arts." Alice and Ed sold their house over the weekend and are joining their family in Michigan. "I have mixed emotions about that," she said. "I'm going to order a case of Kleenex to say my goodbyes."
      Writer, musician, and teacher Frank Barnes "is thankful we can communicate across the different types of art." He teaches Creative Writing and all levels of English at Mount Anthony Union High School. He hopes to organize a writing workshop for Franklin County writers this summer.
      Sculptor Diana Herder Bennett is "thankful for her husband standing by her during some rough times. And the kids have been really great this year," she said. Keegan at age 6 has interests in science and art. Shaun at 3 is following Lord of the Dance and River Dance
      Corliss Blakely loves "good weather and life in general."
      Del Bransfield is "thankful for my family and for a new job that gives me time for art." Del just started work with the Weatherization Service.
      "I'm glad that Louise Brooks was such a trailblazer in the 1920s," said LisaMarie Charlesworth. Silent film star Louise Brooks "stood up for herself and did things that women were frowned upon for doing." LisaMarie is Marketing Director for Burlington City Arts/Firehouse Center for the Visual Arts and a new resident of St Albans "I love my new house and am so happy up here."
      Alan DeMont is happy for "the Kept Writer and a venue to showcase my work." Alan is now working on his continuing Native American series of paintings.
      Melissa Ewell is grateful she "survived Qualitative Research and that the semester is almost done at St Michaels."
      Attorney George Harwood sings in the Burlington Choral Society and the VSO Choir. "The financial support of the state and local patrons of the arts," he said "and the vast opportunities to perform at so many different levels in the arts." George sang with Peter Paul and Mary earlier this year and even got kissed by Mary.
      "I get to be home with my family and make music for a living," said Andre Maquera of West Street Digital and 8084. He is one of the few Franklin County residents who is able to work in the arts full time. "My daughter's visiting from Maine for the whole week, so we'll do a lot of daddy-daughter stuff."
      "I'm thankful for joining the All Arts Council and being able to work with a talented group of artists from Franklin County, and especially for Alice Astleford's support," said Joy Mashtare. "It has opened new doors for me." Joy will be helping at Martha's Kitchen on Thanksgiving day.
      Muffy Sterling finished a gig as Golde in Fiddler on the Roof on Saturday. "What makes me thankful about working in community theater is meeting and working with wonderful people," she said.
      Tim Stetson is our treasurer and Emergency Services Coordinator for the Red Cross. He is glad about "the availability and diversity of the arts here in Franklin County."


FUSION 2001: THE FINE ART OF METAL CLAY (November 30)--international juried competition presented by Expressions Graphics of Oak Park, IL. Contemporary works primarily composed of metal clay and no larger than 12" square. Sales will be encouraged. Entry fee. e-mail for info.

OUTER SPACE (November 30)--College students, faculty, and professional artists are invited to submit two-dimensional and three-dimensional works for a show at Edison Community College, Piqua OH. Entry Fee. e-mail for prospectus.

WRITER'S DIGEST'S SHORT SHORT STORY COMPETITION (December 1)--Offers over $3,000 in prizes and publication for top prize winners. Entry fee. Fax 513-531-0798, or Click here for rules and entry form.

KREFT JURIED EXHIBITION: RED (December 1)--Cash awards for a Group/Solo Exhibition. Click here or e-mail for prospectus.

INTERNATIONAL MUSICAL COMPOSITION COMPETITION (December 30)--Open to composers of any nationality and age for symphonic and string orchestras. Juried. Click here or e-mail for info.

NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS (December 31)--Annual competition honors "photographers whose photographic talent and expertise are unmistakably evident in the images they produce." The competition includes 50 categories. Click here for info.


      Thanksgiving Art makes our memories of more than just a special occasion. Some of the fun and activities are available online. is often a source of unusual information. The basketry portal offers colorized or black and white clip art images, photographs of horn of plenty cornucopias, and other basketry related graphics for Thanksgiving. These images are freely available for printable projects such as place cards, coloring pages, holiday decorations or web pages.
      Webshots advertises that it is Where the World Shares Photos. That means you get to see other people's vacation slides.
      And how could we forget the animated turkeys, pumpkins, pilgrims and other Thanksgiving art? Click here for holiday web page decorations.


      Here are four titles that put the art of Thanksgiving back into this family holiday:
      Let's Celebrate Thanksgiving: A Book of Drawing Fun by Janice Kinnealy
      Oliver Bean's Thanksgiving by Joy Bacon
      The Story of the First Thanksgiving (Drawing America) by Elaine Raphael with Don Bolognese.
      Thanksgiving Plays and Art Project Puppets by Nancy Ludwig


      ArtBits features a quick weekly peek at the bookshelf or night stand of the folks you know in and around Franklin County. That popular feature has a page of its own at the Franklin County Bookshelf here on the AAC site.


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